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Dreamliner v stop off ?

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averageguy1 Mon 28-Jan-19 23:20:39

We are thinking of trying Thailand for a 50th birthday celebration and looking at flights and the TUI Dreamliner appeals the most because it's direct. ..But we have friends who has done both and thinks the preferred option is a stop off to stretch your legs .

Also having never been before we are considering Phuket and Patong beach area is it really as bad as some people make it out to be ?

We like to get out for a bar drink to watch the world go by but don't want clubs etc

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grenadezombie Mon 28-Jan-19 23:33:53

Dreamliner direct V which aircraft and which stops?

It's hard to answer an a or b question without knowing what both a and b are

Furrycushion Mon 28-Jan-19 23:40:54

No just go straight there, stopping just prolongs the agony! Check the weather for when you are going.

averageguy1 Mon 28-Jan-19 23:53:06

Sorry a bit more info one of the flights is with Qatar Airlines stopping in Doha for 3hrs the another is Swiss air stopping in Zurich for 2.5hrs then direct or the Dreamliner direct all flying from Manchester .

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AttilaTheMeerkat Tue 29-Jan-19 07:56:46

What time of year are you thinking of travelling to Thailand?. Check the weather.

Out of those options I would fly direct to Thailand without any stopovers.

With the other options would there be such a stopover on the return leg too?. It seems to be the case. If so its not worth it, it just makes a long day feel even longer.

averageguy1 Tue 29-Jan-19 08:16:36

Thanks for the reply and yes it's the same on the way back . We are looking at travelling early January next year I know it's early but we need an idea then we can save the money . What is the general opinion of Patong beach area?

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SoonBeSpring Tue 29-Jan-19 08:18:50

Direct every time for me.
The idea of stretching your legs sounds good but the reality is often wandering around a ME airport in the middle of the night when you just want to get there.
Having said that I really rate Qatar.

averageguy1 Tue 29-Jan-19 13:33:52

I think that will be the preferred option and the Dreamliner will be a nice change ..just need to decide on which resort now.

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BusterTheBulldog Tue 29-Jan-19 13:38:36

Direct defo better for me. The tui Dreamliner was a bit meh though, not as nice as emirates / Etihad in my opinion and a bit stingier on food / drinks / entertainment choices. I wouldn’t not fly with them though, just take more snacks and load up my iPad!

ReflectentMonatomism Tue 29-Jan-19 13:41:55

Why do people think a 787 is some magic carpet just because it's called a Dreamliner? It's a plane. It's got seats. It doesn't make otherwise intolerable flights tolerable. If you're cool with a long direct flight, do it. If you aren't, a 787 won't make any difference. "the Dreamliner will be a nice change"? You won't notice any difference aside from the funky windows.

averageguy1 Tue 29-Jan-19 13:49:45

I know its just a plane and not a magic carpet but never done long haul before and just want it to be as comfortable as possible ..thanks for the input .

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Stringofpearls Tue 29-Jan-19 14:39:42

We've stopped in Doha for a few hours before, it was a lovely place to relax a bit, it has loungers facing large windows and blankets if you want them. However, if I I'd a choice I'd prefer to go direct as the getting on and off is quite tiring. Also there's not the same worry about being delayed and missing a connection.

CallMeSirShotsFired Tue 29-Jan-19 14:43:20

On the way out a stop will be annoying because you just want to get there.

On the way back, you will be annoyed because you just want to get home.

(Unless you make the stop a destination in itself)

Rafflesway Tue 29-Jan-19 14:59:38

We visit Thailand most years and always choose Qatar/Emirates or Etihad with a break in between. Have used the Tui Dreamliner a few times for direct flights to Mexico but feel 10 hours is more than enough on this aircraft with Tui. As others have said, they are less generous with food and drinks plus the entertainment choice is pretty rubbish on the Tui Dreamliner. However, comfort wise with regards to seating, not much difference, (Although Tui will split you from your partner unless you pay for pre allocated seating. 😡).

Patong, I feel wouldn't suit you! It is predominantly aimed at the younger crowd and/or men looking for strip clubs etc. From what you have said I think Karon or Kata would prove more suitable. Both areas - quite close to each other - have an excellent choice of restaurants, bars, coffee shops, supermarkets etc. but are a little more sophisticated than Patong. (We are a little older than you and enjoy similar to yourselves.). Just check the weather for the time of year you are looking at travelling as some months can be very wet.

HTH and have a fantastic trip!

grenadezombie Tue 29-Jan-19 14:59:55

Manchester - Doha is a Dreamliner also, then it's an A350 from Doha. Manchester - Zurich will be an A320 or A220 and then a Thai 777. That's if the aircraft are of any consequence!

I would go direct with kids but would possibly go for the Qatar via Doha if I was doing it adults only.

grenadezombie Tue 29-Jan-19 15:01:05


Aircraft type is often a deciding factor for travellers.

Heyha Tue 29-Jan-19 15:04:30

No point stopping off in Zurich, it's a short flight to that point so you'll be up and back down again then waiting 2.5 hours to complete the majority of the flight. I didn't do it going to Thailand but to India and that was bad enough...Swiss is a decent airline though, I would happily go with them again just not with a stop so close to home. Can't comment on Doha.

ReflectentMonatomism Tue 29-Jan-19 15:06:35

never done long haul before and just want it to be as comfortable as possible

Assuming you're talking about economy, then economy on an A380 operated by one of the Middle Eastern carriers like Emirates or Qatar will be nicer than anyone else's 787.

theveryhighlife Tue 29-Jan-19 15:09:23

787's are far nicer to travel on. The air doesn't come from the engines so you won't feel the effects of jet lag so much.
I wouldn't bother stopping off, you'll just want to get there

ShanghaiDiva Tue 29-Jan-19 15:16:15

I would fly direct.
There are nicer areas than Patong. I have stayed in the north of the island a few times (beach names escapes me) - some nice resorts a Marriott and one that used to be the indigo pearl, but think it has been renamed. Quiet area (perhaps too quiet for you? ) with little restaurants and bars on the beach, no nightclubs.

grenadezombie Tue 29-Jan-19 15:19:06

economy on an A380 operated by one of the Middle Eastern carriers like Emirates or Qatar will be nicer than anyone else's 787.

A380 isn't an option though.

averageguy1 Tue 29-Jan-19 16:50:09

I don't think the via Zurich is a starter as suggested its not far enough on the first leg ..thanks for the Patong beach information I will have a look at the other locations recommended .

Rafflesway Is Phuket likely to be rainy in January i thought it was a good time to travel ?
Thanks to you all for the responses.

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Toomanycats99 Tue 29-Jan-19 17:05:22

Might not be what you want but I did a Thailand tour with exodus - really mixed ages (not all young!) and saw lots of parts of the country.

But no good if you are really just going for a beach holiday.

Rafflesway Tue 29-Jan-19 17:32:48

Phuket should be lovely during January, Averageguy1

One of the slightly cooler months but should still average around 29 degrees Celsius over the month with very little rainfall. Most days you should have lovely sunshine. We once went early February and it was glorious!

Would you like someone to carry your bags? grin

Lindtnotlint Tue 29-Jan-19 17:37:38

The vast majority of people would prefer to fly direct. The idea that a change is a good thing is a bit niche...

So not saying it isn’t right, just that the wisdom of crowds suggests direct is better! (Though often more expensive as a consequence...)

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