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Chilled area in LA?

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brightonbird Mon 28-Jan-19 16:04:40

Next April we are going to LA with our two kids aged 16 and 10. For our first two nights we’d like to stay in a reasonably priced hotel (ideally with pool) where we can chill and recover from the jet lag. Any recommendations for a suitable area please? Near the beach would be nice but not essential. We’ll have a hire car so can drive a little out of the city. Thanks

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Celeriacacaca Mon 28-Jan-19 17:49:31

Santa Monica, definitely. It's a great base and now has the metro which will take you all over LA. Hotels are quite pricey and there's one, name escapes me, right on the front with a pool, opposite the pier. Lots of shopping for teens and plenty of restaurants in the area too. If I remember the hotel I'll com back and let you know.

Celeriacacaca Mon 28-Jan-19 17:50:51

I wouldn't have a hire car in LA. We had 5 days there and didn't need one, just used metro and taxis. Much less stress and saving of time in the horrendous traffic there.

StealingYourWiFi Mon 28-Jan-19 17:51:19

Stayed at the Oakwood apartments in Marina Del Ray. It was fab. Nice size apartment with balcony and a communal pool/gym. It was a gated development so very secure. Walkable to many restaurants and the beach was just a few minutes away. You could be in Venice Beach in under 10 minutes and walkable to Santa Monica pier in about 25 minutes. Lovely area.

Swiftier Sun 03-Feb-19 13:40:48

Second Santa Monica!

BubblesBuddy Sun 03-Feb-19 14:46:39

Santa Monica isn’t cheap! It’s lovely though. Shutters on the Beach stands out but it’s pricy. You do need a car to get to the best places in and around LA. No one would spend 5 days just in central LA - surely? There’s so much to see and having a car makes it easier.

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