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Orlando without doing the parks?

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Mummysharkdoodoodoo Mon 28-Jan-19 08:05:28

I’m thinking about going to Orlando with the Dc. I would like to do maybe one park but tbh would rather do other things. Is it worth going? X

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Doidontimmm Mon 28-Jan-19 08:12:38

What has made you choose Orlando, I’ve been twice & love it but don’t see the point without doing parks. So many other places in the world to see?

Mummysharkdoodoodoo Mon 28-Jan-19 08:13:09

I’m not sure tbh, it’s all that came up on the search 😂

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SherlockSays Mon 28-Jan-19 08:17:17

I definitely would, in fact next time we're only doing 4 days at parks out of 2 weeks.

Plans are:
Kennedy space centre
Clearwater beach
Downtown Orlando
Shopping (as always!)
Just general chilling around the pool

Last 2 trips were park orientated with very little downtime but we absolutely love Orlando so don't want to go anywhere else. Also planning to do it as cheap as possible before we go back to stay at Disney for a 'big one' before DD starts school.

SillyBub Mon 28-Jan-19 08:22:46

I've been to Florida around 10 times and never stopped foot in a park or gone to Orlando. Why go to Orlando if you're not going to the parks? Look further afield, there's some beautiful parts of Florida that aren't Orlando!

Furrycushion Mon 28-Jan-19 08:24:40

Food? Urgh, I always came back desperate for decent fresh food! Maybe we chose badly!

ZenNudist Mon 28-Jan-19 08:32:01

Im thinking of gulf coast as a twincentre to Orlando would that be an option. Another one who thinks Orlando without the parks is pointless.

Doidontimmm Mon 28-Jan-19 08:45:58

I guess it depends what you like. I don’t enjoy shopping, the food got to me in the end & I was desperate for normal home cooked. I was bored at the space centre! There are a million beaches elsewhere!!

ApolloandDaphne Mon 28-Jan-19 08:50:23

By all means go to Florida but if you aren't going to the parks then avoid Orlando. Go further south. We had a lovely holiday based in Siesta Quay. The beaches down that stretch of coast are amazing.

mummymeister Mon 28-Jan-19 15:23:31

if you aren't going to do the parks then have a look at somewhere like Oregon. fantastic place for a holiday. we had a great time there. florida keys?

HermioneWeasley Mon 28-Jan-19 19:42:28

Agree, the point of Orlando is the parks. Why pay those prices and flights if you’re not going to visit them?

tanstaafl Mon 28-Jan-19 20:08:08

What did you search for OP and when are you looking to travel?

Heart set on America/Florida and just looking for things to do when not chilling out or looking for activites to do on an American holiday?

Last question! How long is the holiday?

PizzaPlanet Fri 01-Feb-19 16:38:40

Sorry but in my opinion Orlando really isn’t that attractive outside of the parks, plus you might pay more for flying there compared to elsewhere in Florida. Probably best to base yourself near the coast and just do a day excursion to one of the parks. Also it would be hard if you take children for them to be based in Orlando and only go to the parks on one day, they’re bound to wang more!

OKhitmewithit Fri 01-Feb-19 21:27:24

If you fancy sun and the pool, yes Florida is great, but Orlando means you pay a premium because of the parks. Go to Fort Lauderdale

Herefortheduration Fri 01-Feb-19 21:30:03

I l

Herefortheduration Fri 01-Feb-19 21:32:15

Sorry, no idea what happened there. Anyway...

I used to live in Florida. There's lots to do around Orlando without the parks but you'd pay premium prices and not doing the best things in the area. Try Fort Lauderdale, Miami and The Keys, fabulous.

Butternutsqoosh Fri 01-Feb-19 21:33:17

We did universal for one day, then chilling by the pool, Kennedy space center, wonderworks (sort of a science-y museum, great fun!) gatorworld oh and blizzard beach water park

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