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Walking in Japan in September

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Petals23 Wed 23-Jan-19 09:59:34

I am thinking of doing a guided walking holiday in Japan, starting in Kyoto, ending in Tokyo - called the Nakasendo Way. Firstly, has anyone done this? Secondly, would it be too warm then?

Many thanks.

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cardboard33 Wed 23-Jan-19 12:33:27

We were in the Kyoto/Tokyo area of Japan last year in early October. We didn't do the trail you've indicated but we did do a fair amount of independent hiking day trips. We climbed Mount Mitsotogue (1700km elevation) for views of Fiji and it started out reasonably warm* when we got off the train but by the time we were half way up we needed fleece layers as it was cold and misty. When in September are you planning to go? Late September would be very different to early September temperature wise, I think. I don't recall there being any really hot hot days for the two weeks we in Japan - we had a mixture of rain, cloud, sun etc.

*We had combat trousers and a short sleeved top on, and then gradually built up the layers as we climbed.

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