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Is there such a thing as a travel mosquito net that sits over a door rather than the bed?

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soupandshake Thu 24-Jan-19 07:08:37

We've used mosquito coils. Lit them early evening before going out to dinner, they seems to work quite well. 50% deet wipes are good too.

PenelopeFlintstone Wed 23-Jan-19 10:58:14

OP, I'm overseas and use a brand called Mortein. I'm not sure what's available where you are. Boots have one - maybe try that?
We use ours all summer. The active ingredient in Mortein is allethrin.

BreevandercampLGJ Tue 22-Jan-19 13:23:27

This stuff is brilliant, not cheap but brilliant, I have not been bitten in the thirty years I have been wearing it.

I have a friend who when holidays takes two antihistamines every night before bed and even if she does get bitten, they are not scratched to buggery by the time she wakes up if that makes sense and the daily dose keeps the itch totally at bay. AH tend to be on offer in Sainsburys in the months leading up to the summer.

DriveShaft Tue 22-Jan-19 13:17:25

Thanks. Yes, no AC unfortunately.

Penelope, the only plug in one I’ve seen is the jungle one. We took that last year but my daughter cried saying it gave her a headache. But then I also sprayed the jungle stuff around the door frame so maybe it was that.

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PenelopeFlintstone Tue 22-Jan-19 11:21:14

And I don't mean one that zaps them - they've been shown to zap lots of insects and mostly NOT mosquitos! I mean one with a cardboard tab or a liquid refill (tab is better as liquid runs out quicker).

PenelopeFlintstone Tue 22-Jan-19 11:15:19

Are you against a plug-in mozzie ball? Maybe because of chemicals? There are lots of mozzies where I live and they are absolutely the most effective thing, but I understand if that's not your thing.

ladybee28 Tue 22-Jan-19 11:12:08

Ah, no air conditioning? I hear you... sticky or bitten is not a fun choice to have to make! I guess you could maybe DIY something with sticky-backed Velcro and a sheet of net? Probably won't be very pretty, but better than nothing!

DriveShaft Tue 22-Jan-19 11:08:36

Thanks, ladybee! I had wondered if there was something Velcro like but maybe not. As it’s only Greece, we don’t need to worry about malaria just mozzies coming off the water at night but it can still be high 20s at night so ideally I’d leave the door open (with safety gate shut) but only if I had some netting across.

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ladybee28 Tue 22-Jan-19 09:57:59

They exist but they're more like semi-permanent fixtures, with a frame that needs to be fitted to the door slider. I've never seen anything like a hanging one for travel before – unless you're hardly using the doors, it's likely mosquitoes will find their way in with you every time you all enter and leave the room.

And it's easier said than done to make sure whatever you hang is perfectly securely closed every single time anyone goes in or out... Bed nets work because you're not constantly opening and closing them.

Citronella candles and balms are probably your best bet... but I'm open to being proved wrong!

DriveShaft Tue 22-Jan-19 09:51:48

Just that really. Only going to Greece but last time we went to Greece we were bitten alive as we were in a swim up so very close to the water. Same this time. With 5 of us in the room it would be too awkward to put nets in the beds. I wondered if there was something on the market that could cover a set of patio doors.

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