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St Lucia - Coco Palm + kids

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Jakeyboy1 Sat 12-Jan-19 16:22:25

Thanks both. That's good to know re Coconut Bay my mum has warmed me re the roads.
Good to know re the trips as well. It surprisingly seems well geared up for kids. I really wanted to do Barbados as we used to go pre kids but having scanned everything all the hotels feel pretty middle aged and not getting great reviews unless you can afford the top ones so St Lucia feels like a good option.

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PestoSnowissimos Sat 12-Jan-19 14:36:39

My preferred hotel in St Lucia with children would be Coconut Bay. Good kids club, paint balling, lovely pools, lazy river plus water slides. 5 minute transfer from the airport too. None of that awful winding journey in a minibus taxi up through the banana plantations to Rodney Bay.

PestoSnowissimos Sat 12-Jan-19 14:33:19

I haven’t stayed at that hotel in St Lucia, but I do know that Virgin do the Catamaran trips. Depending on their ages, another fun excursion to do with children is the zip-lines in the rainforest. If you’re horsey there’s a good horse riding trip too. Two hours including taking them in the sea and a gallop along the beach. Pretty incredible.

Jakeyboy1 Sat 12-Jan-19 14:20:01

Anyone been?
Looks good but some reviews refer to noise can anyone elaborate?
Also wondered if Virgin do a catamaran trio there like in Barbados and what else is good for kids?

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