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U S visas

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gillys Wed 09-Jan-19 18:45:51

Had anyone had recent experience of getting a US visa. How long did the whole process take ?

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chemenger Wed 09-Jan-19 18:55:23

What kind of visa?

Tiredismymiddlename85 Wed 09-Jan-19 18:58:35

If it's a tourist trip then you just need to apply online for an ESTA. Cost about 20 dollars, approved pretty quickly and valid for 2 years.

LordProfFekkoThePenguinPhD Wed 09-Jan-19 18:59:51

We got ours almost immediately this time. We have had them before though so maybe we were in the system already. First time it took only a day or so.

LordProfFekkoThePenguinPhD Wed 09-Jan-19 19:00:36

An ESTA that is. Make sure you go to the official site and not one advertising to fill out the forms for you (and charge a fortune).

AttilaTheMeerkat Wed 09-Jan-19 19:32:02

It should not take long i,e days for instance.

Which website did you use?. The official USA government website should only be used because there are a lot of unscrupulous firms out there who will charge much more than the proper $14 fee per application. Some of these firms too actively scam customers.

LordProfFekkoThePenguinPhD Wed 09-Jan-19 19:33:51

I only saw some of those sites when I was getting the last lot done (I used the proper government one). I also saw some when looking to get a copy of a marriage certificate - they try to look all official but are just offering a very expensive service for something you can do yourself very easily.

LambChopsMcGee Thu 31-Jan-19 21:15:45

I'd like to know about this too. I'm not eligible for an ESTA so need to visit the embassy. Has anyone done that and can advise? I've got a British passport.

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