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Zante and underage drinking

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cmiddlwton Tue 08-Jan-19 00:25:29

Zante and underage drinking

My daughter is 16 and is going to Zante. Will she get into nightclubs?

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YerAWizardHarry Tue 08-Jan-19 00:26:28


rosesandcashmere Tue 08-Jan-19 00:34:35

Yes, and bars and get served alcohol in hotels and shops. Is she going to Laganas? The streets are lined with sick in the mornings but the youngens love it (I repped there in my youth). May be best to move this out of long haul unless you live a particularly long way from Greece. You'll get more replies about Zante in short haul.

cmiddlwton Tue 08-Jan-19 00:36:14

How do I move it. Sorry New to this page

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