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Fiji - which island/ location

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OKhitmewithit Sun 06-Jan-19 18:10:43

We are planning a trip to Oz and would like to add a week in Fiji on the way back. Any tips welcome.

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OKhitmewithit Tue 08-Jan-19 19:49:57

No Fiji fans? sad

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VamillaSugar Tue 08-Jan-19 19:51:13

Got off Suva as quickly as possible and head to the western islands.

VamillaSugar Tue 08-Jan-19 19:52:18

Vanuatu is much nicer, although I was there 20 years ago before the Tropical Storm destruction. But definitely check it out!

KingIrving Wed 09-Jan-19 01:40:56

Can't help on Fiji. We live in Sydney and when we want the pacific island vibe we go to New Caledonia. Isle of Pines is out of this world.
We are not a fan of big resort, with Zumba at 11, kids club and horrible cheap fried food.
This said, I am sure they are nice hotels in Fiji. I know one island has black sand, so you will need to check first.

Quantumblue Wed 09-Jan-19 02:02:48

Be aware that fresh fruit and veg can be really expensive in the Pacific and resort food can be a bit dull.

crabb Wed 09-Jan-19 02:14:44

Can recommend Navini, just a 45 min boat ride after a 20 min car transfer from Nadi airport. Tiny island, v small resort, extremely friendly staff. Not lots of activities - sailing, SUP, snorkeling on the house reef. Boat excursions every day if you want to participate. Quiet, simple, comfortable, good food. Just the place to recline on a sun lounger with a good book, with palm trees and the azure sea...
We’ve also been to Nanuku Auberge Resort on the Coral Coast (south coast of main island, Viti Levu). Luxurious, high staff ratio, great food, pool. 2 hour drive from the airport (or helicopter transfers at a price!!)
So many places to go in Fiji!

OKhitmewithit Wed 09-Jan-19 07:23:00

We are not a fan of big resort, with Zumba at 11, kids club and horrible cheap fried food

Surely that’s not Fiji shock I’d have to evacuate!

New Caledonia could be good - I’ll check it out.

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OKhitmewithit Wed 09-Jan-19 07:26:10

And thanks for other tips too. I’ll start looking. I’m not worried about black sand, but wouldn’t want forced entertainment!

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OKhitmewithit Wed 09-Jan-19 07:51:34

Nanuku Auberge Resort that doesn’t look like Benidorm!

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crabb Wed 09-Jan-19 08:36:02

Nope, @OKhitmewithit, it certainly isn’t! The gorgeous villas come with a butler and a “villa mama” to look after your every need! And a golf buggy to get yourself around.

BonApp Sun 13-Jan-19 12:28:04

Octopus Resort is amazing!

OKhitmewithit Sun 13-Jan-19 18:34:19

Thanks I’ll check it out. I’m planning ahead as it’s for 2020, but just starting the research.

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