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Disney World staying off site

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PoptartPoptart Sat 29-Dec-18 04:36:54

Quick question, if staying off site but buying a 14 day pass for the Disney Parks, will I still get the My Disney Experience App?
Can I still make onsite restaurant reservations 180 days in advance?
What about Fastpasses? Can I make them 60 days in advance?
Only ever stayed onsite before but this time we’re considering a villa offsite to try and save money.

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tryinganewname Sat 29-Dec-18 04:39:24

Yes to all except your fast passes are at 30 days, not 60.

PoptartPoptart Sat 29-Dec-18 04:48:21

Is it very difficult to get good fast pass slots for the popular rides at 30 days?

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Weenurse Sat 29-Dec-18 04:51:26

We stayed on site so used the extra Disney hours to do the popular rides.
Avatar was very busy, so if you are considering doing that, I would fast pass it.
Go on to the app and you can see current wait times and used that as your guide

tryinganewname Sat 29-Dec-18 07:37:17

Yes it's a lot more difficult at 30 days - there were 4 of us - myself, husband and baby stayed on site and got everything we wanted at 60 days but PIL couldn't get Avatar, 7 dwarfs or Soarin' at 30 days. A lot do come available once there but we never managed Avatar Flight of Passage - luckily, I had 2 on different days so they used ours.

ASAS Sat 29-Dec-18 07:40:19

Can you book an all star hotel for 1 night at the start to get 60 day fast passes? We did that, cost around £130ish

PoptartPoptart Sat 29-Dec-18 11:02:03

I thought there was a 5 night minimum stay during peak season at Disney hotels?

But even if I did manage to book 1or 2 nights in order to book fastpasses 60 days in advance, wouldn’t it only let me book for the duration of my stay on a Disney property, rather than for two whole weeks?

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ASAS Sat 29-Dec-18 11:19:48

We stayed one night in June last year, got EMH and 60 day fast passes (If you sync everything on the app)

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