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Yellowstone USA

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BabyInWaiting Wed 19-Dec-18 09:21:50

I’m trying to plan a summer trip that includes Yellowstone national park and need some help. I think two destinations - one nature based, the other with a pool or theme park or city - works best for us. It will be me, DH, DM, 3 kids (11,9,2) Anyone been to Yellowstone and can say what it’s like for families?
Where else would you visit in the trip? I was wondering about Salt Lake City as they have mountain resorts?
Any advice or experience please!
(Btw we have been to Southern California, New York and Florida with kids so want to explore elsewhere in this trip.)
Thank you!

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chemenger Wed 19-Dec-18 16:23:43

Book your accommodation in Yellowstone as early as you can is my first recommendation. I have been there a few times and it is amazing. My favourite thing was a horse ride from Roosveldt Lodge, which is in a quieter part of the park. We saw a black bear on that ride, which was a thrill. Keep in mind that the park is very big and traffic in summer moves very slowly. Do walk/hike, as soon as you get more than 10 minutes from a car park the crowds thin. Old Faithful is not the most spectacular geyser, its just regular and beside the visitor centre, for example.
As far as cities go its really a choice between Salt Lake City and Denver. Neither is super exciting. There is a theme park with a water park in Denver. Salt Lake City is probably a shorter drive, neither is particularly close. If you drive down through Pinedale to Denver don't miss the Mountain Man Museum, it is small but fascinating. We stayed in the Pinedale Lodge which is a collection of small rustic cabins, quite cute. The drive from Grand Junction and on to Denver is spectacular, but so are most things round there!

BabyInWaiting Wed 19-Dec-18 18:13:47

Thanks chemenger that’s really helpful smile

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chemenger Wed 19-Dec-18 19:55:37

You’re welcome, it’s a while since we were there but we have travelled around that area a lot over the years.

sansou Fri 21-Dec-18 23:45:39

We spent 2 weeks on a road trip from Denver taking in the Frontier rodeo at Cheyenne, visiting the hot springs in Thermopolis, river rafting in Cody before entering Yellowstone staying in Canyon Lodge and by Old Faithful. We trekked to Mount Washburn via the Dunraven Pass with DC then aged 9 & 13 besides the main sites. We spent our last few days in the Great Tetons, doing more trails plus a horse ride before finishing in Jackson and flying home from there. We could have easily spent more time in the NPs - I would focus on the NPs if you’re there for a fortnight.

sansou Fri 21-Dec-18 23:50:15

It’s really crowded in the summer - we booked our NP accommodation the previous Sept/Oct when availability was already limited as well as expensive (captive market).

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