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Taking 2 young kids to Phuket booked hotel for 13 nights will it be too long?

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mummumlife Fri 07-Dec-18 21:07:52

Hi. Hoping someone could give me some advice as I’m worried I’ve booked to stay too long at a hotel in Phuket. If anyone’s stayed at Splash Beach Resort , would you say 13 nights staying here with 2 young kids is too long? My main concern is that the town is one hour away and I failed to realise this at time of booking. We plan on hiring a car but don’t want to be travelling 2 hours every day. The hotel is non refundable and non amendable so I can’t make any changes now. Worried there is nothing to do at night time and so on. We plan on booking flights to Bangkok so will be away for 2 days but just worried it’s too long at one hotel.

I was thinking should I sell my hotel stay of 13 nights online or book a hotel at Karon Beach / Kata beach ( where there’s more happening ) for a few nights. I understand I will be out of pocket a few hundred plus the original hotel booking but I don’t know what’s best. I booked Splash Beach when I got it on a really good offer and just went for it without properly researching the area. I just wish I had only booked Splash beach for say a week then stay at a busier resort for the remaining time.

Any advice will be much appreciated smile

Many thanks

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jackstini Fri 07-Dec-18 21:22:03

How old are your kids? Most are just happy to have a beach and time with mum and dad!

I wouldn't change it if you all just want a major relax
If they are older and you want to sightsee, maybe book a couple of trips?

mummumlife Fri 07-Dec-18 21:49:52

They are 4 and 2. Thanks for replying Jackstini. I know I am probably over worrying. I’ll get the Phi Phi Island trip booked and go to the elephant sanctuary smile

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AttilaTheMeerkat Sat 08-Dec-18 09:18:47

Do your researches carefully on elephant sanctuaries beforehand; not all such places care for these animals in the ways they should be cared for.

Do not ride the elephants!. Avoid anywhere that offers this. is a good link.

christravelwizard Sat 08-Dec-18 15:58:48

I agree with @jackstini, at that age, children are just happy to be somewhere and stimulated without you spending a fortune.
I've booked people there before and I think the resort has quite a lot anyway:
1. There's a Splash Jungle Waterpark which, although managed separately, you can use it. It has a couple of rides your children will love - one called Boomerango which is a reverse free fall off a vertical wall (I'd pass out - I hate heights!)/ There's alos a six level wave pool, and an aqua play pool for younger children such as yours. If you're an activity coward like me, you can take the children on a relaxing lazy river that encircles the water park.

2. There's also a Kids Zone dedicated to toddlers and young children with a three level interactive playground that includes a film theatre, giant slides, tree and rock climbing activities. It was still being built when my clients went but it's now finished.

3. There's also a themed train buggy takes the little VIPs around the resort.

If you wanted to venture outside the resort, there's a gibbon rehabilitation project in Phuket. @AttilaTheMeerkat provides great advice about avoiding the exploitation of elephants, whether it's through manipulation or indifference.

And don't forget it's your holiday too, so find some time to take time out and use their spa to pamper and unwind. smile.
If you'd like me to contact the hotel to see what else they do, just let me know - happy to help! I rememebr what it was like when mine were that age - we just went to the same resort in Lanzarote for 13 years! smile!

mummumlife Sun 09-Dec-18 10:06:50

@christravelwizard many thanks for your reply. Sounds like a great resort. Hopefully they give a discount on the water park or the residents should be at least given some free vouchers to enter once or twice.

@AttilaTheMeerkat Thank you, the elephant sanctuary forbids riding the elephants only to watch them and it’ll be good to educate the kids. No worries.

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