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Loved Borneo, where next?

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Sortingfinances Thu 22-Nov-18 20:24:15

I've been trawelling threads on here but have got no further and need help/inspiration....please help!

We loved 2 weeks low budget backpacking in Sabah last year - sanctuaries, homestay in rainforest, island snorkelling, cities - 1 adult, 2 kids.

Tempted with Sri Lanka this year. It's high on my bucket list but not sure I can justify flight prices, although costs when there are quite low.

We like a bit of culture and lots of 'outdoors"(beaches, watersports, hiking, wildlife....).

Wondered about eastern Europe - we've seen a little of Croatia but not beyond.

Any recommendations of different/adventure holidays would be much appreciated! Happy to backpack or stay just in 1/2 places.
Must be August.
Happy flying long distance or shorter.


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BubblesBuddy Thu 22-Nov-18 20:39:05

I was going to suggest South America but your lack of budget blows that. You could look at Latvia, Estonia, Lithuania and a friend goes to Slovenia every year.

Sri Lanka in August would be very hot I think. What about Kenya and Tanzania? Again your budget might stop you seeing wildlife. South Africa’s Garden Route would also work.

Sortingfinances Thu 22-Nov-18 20:44:22

Borneo was baking!!! Worth it though.

Where would you go in South America?

The right combination of cheaper location and more expensive flights might not be that different to staying in Europe, unless we camp (Loved 2 summers camping in France too).

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abbey44 Thu 22-Nov-18 20:48:22

Sierra Leone is one of the up-and-coming tourist destinations, its unspoilt and very diverse. I'm going there for Christmas this year. My son lives ther (and coincidentally is setting up an extreme travel business, but I'm not going to be trying most of what he's offering, though my younger son might well grin)

spreadingchestnuttree Thu 22-Nov-18 21:28:52

How old are your DC?

Sortingfinances Thu 22-Nov-18 21:38:02

Abbey44 I shall have a Google!
Kids 8-14.
Active, good swimmers etc.

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abbey44 Thu 22-Nov-18 21:51:57

I've sent you a pm.

spreadingchestnuttree Thu 22-Nov-18 22:04:02

I think weather can be a problem at that time of year - rainy season in Costa Rica, possibly in Sri Lanka too, I'm not sure?

Nepal is awesome and I would highly recommend. I've never been to Madagascar or Mauritius but have heard good things and that budget travel / backpacking are possible there although last time I looked flights to Madagascar were very expensive.

spreadingchestnuttree Thu 22-Nov-18 22:05:42

Actually having googled, August is relatively dry in Sri Lanka but very wet in Nepal.

Notatallobvious Thu 22-Nov-18 22:20:57

Slovenia! Beautiful, and plenty of outdoorsy stuff to do (hiking, white water rafting etc) you could go there and continue onto Croatia by train.

OKhitmewithit Fri 23-Nov-18 07:11:06

We are going to Namibia and Zambia next August. Self drive round various sights - safari and adventure all in one. Highest sand dunes in the world, kayaking with seals, Victoria falls and staying in a bush camp

Going to Sri Lanka at Xmas, but I wouldn’t do August personally.

OKhitmewithit Fri 23-Nov-18 07:14:52

We went to Iceland this August though - quad biking on the black beach, speed boat to on a glacier lake, into a glacier and volcano, whale watching and waterfalls that you can walk behind, beside and over. Swimming in geothermal pool. Beautiful scenery. We loved it.

OKhitmewithit Fri 23-Nov-18 08:23:30

Future plans - cycle holiday through Fance
Walking, rafting, cycling in Pyrenees

I’d love more detail on Borneo @sortingfinances sounds excellent.

eurochick Fri 23-Nov-18 09:41:18

We went to Borneo for our honeymoon. It was amazing!

We've done a similar jungle/snorkel/temples kind of holiday in Belize. It was good, although I don't think it quite matched up to Borneo.

OKhitmewithit Sat 24-Nov-18 07:46:25

@eurochixk which part of Borneo and would you take kids 11 & 9

Sortingfinances Sat 24-Nov-18 08:36:38

Okhitmewithit - Sabah and 100%! I'll post a longer reply with what we did later.

Thanks for all the replies! Sierra Leone would never have occurred to me but flight prices are good, times also and time difference and country sounds amazing.

We went to Kenya to visit friends there a few years back and loved it.

Slovenia could fit the bill too.

It is August that puts the spanner in the works as too hot or rainy in so many places.

Sri Lanka has 2 monsoons and east coast is best in uk summer, west in uk winter.

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Sortingfinances Sat 24-Nov-18 16:55:54

Malaysian Borneo (Sabah)......

Long flights - we went London-Muscat-Kuala Lumpur-Kota Kinabalu (you could go direct London to Kuala Lumpur, but this was the cheapest).

Flew straight on to Sandakan with Air Asia (around £25 return each) and stayed 2 nights in Sepilok. Visit Orangutan Sancturary, Sun Bear Sancturay and Rainforest discovery centre.
Lots of people to do all this in 1 day, but we enjoyed going slower and also enjoying the swimming pool at the hotel.

Then moved to Sandakan and on to a 2 night-3day homestay in Abai Village in the rainforest of Kinanbatangan river. You can stay in guest houses in other villages instead, but this was a real highlight. Food amazing, no shops, very relaxed, access by boat only. Guide took us out wildlife spotting each day and we saw orangutans as well as zillions of monkeys, birds and more.

A day in Sandakan - non touristy city which we all enjoyed more than expected.

Then to Kota Kinabalu (main city) before spending 4 nights on Mantanani island - snorkelling, swimming, relaxing. Very very basic - reviews are mixed, but if you expect basic/rustic/1 hr boat trip from land so random food supplies, not an issue. We very much enjoyed this.

Final 2 days in Kota Kinabalu - 1 day on an island in the marine national park there including the longest island to island zipwire!! We all did this.
Then last day went on a white water rafting trip with riverbug which was loads of fun and ended with huge hot buffet lunch.

We did it all ourselves - spent £1700 pounds all in (not international flights of course) for 4 of for 15 days. Island and river more expensive, rest of accommodation was backpackers costing about £25 per night.
No-one was sick, no hassle, food great and cheap, easy to get around - taxi's are cheap, airports have official taxi counters so getting to hotels on arrival was just as easy as if we had booked a more expensive transfer.
Kids aged 8+.

If there is anything you want to know, just ask! (Excuse long post too).

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BubblesBuddy Sat 24-Nov-18 23:03:38

August is a good time to visit Peru. There are cheaper places to stay. Northern Argentina is ok then as is Brazil.

OKhitmewithit Sun 25-Nov-18 09:05:19

Sounds fab @sortingfinances I assume you prebooked all the backpacker lodges. Did you use tripadvisor or or similar? Thanks

Sortingfinances Sun 25-Nov-18 10:09:42

Yes booked accommodation first. Mostly directly and one through
Also river trip and island stay.

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