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BA say Brexit won't impact our USA flights in any way. Would that be correct?

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F1annelsheets Thu 15-Nov-18 21:45:28

Just about to spend several thousand pounds so need to be sure.

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SJane45S Fri 16-Nov-18 14:01:17

Who knows?! Depends when you're flying & the state of play then.As a non EU member we will be allowed to be part of the EASA if we come to an agreement on this with the EU. At the moment, it's looking like a no-deal Brexit would be blocked in parliament so we'll be going back and forwards for a while yet, whoever is in power. So whether we stay in the EASA (I imagine we'd want to!) will depend on what's agreed on but hopefully (it's not guaranteed) there will be a deal that allows up to do that. Worse case scenario, we will need our own aviation authority which would need to negotiate its own agreements - then we will all have problems! We're flying 6 days after the (current!) exit date so we're trusting all turns out well! I've spoken to about 8 travel insurance companies & their response has been that in a worse case scenario situation, their policies may or may not cover us!

ChardonnaysPrettySister Fri 16-Nov-18 14:03:06

Same BA who are reportedly considering moving to Spain?

SJane45S Fri 16-Nov-18 14:03:44

Ps - reading our airline bumpf, it looks like we'd be covered for a flight refund or alternative in a no flight situation. BA may be the same!

Haisuli Fri 23-Nov-18 21:47:17

We're flying two days before. I just want to get there, happy to play it by ear coming home 😁

christravelwizard Fri 30-Nov-18 22:02:56

There are no plans by any of the UK airlines to change anything - we have daily contact with all UK based airlines and they are making no plans as nothing is planned to change for at least two years.
Whilst there are alot of opinions about what will / won't happen, airlines and the travel industry will not sit around and wait for their revenue streams to dry up. As of today, UK airlines have already agreed US post Brexit deals so you have nothing to worry about (see the link below)
If you have any concerns and need an update directly from any airline, just let me know. Enjoy your trip! smile

Curlybrunette Sat 01-Dec-18 21:12:04

We're flying with BA to San Francisco in May, I am keeping utter optimism that it will all be fine, fine I tell you, FINE grin

Dimsumlosesum Wed 19-Dec-18 08:44:43

So far nothing is due to be changed.

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