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Air Transat promo code

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AttilaTheMeerkat Sat 27-Oct-18 14:28:30

Cheap however, is not always cheerful.

DrWendyRhoades Sat 27-Oct-18 13:19:55

Thank you! I’ve signed up to their newsletter so you never know I might be lucky enough to grab an extra saving before I need to book!

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christravelwizard Fri 26-Oct-18 17:45:01

You could find some codes on sites such as voucher codes but I suggest you sign up for their newsletter and pounce when they do offers / deals on the flights you're looking for.
Alternatively, you can call their reservations number 020 7616 9187 and see if they have anything you're looking for. smile

DrWendyRhoades Fri 26-Oct-18 15:33:26

I’m looking to book Air Transat flights for next summer and there is a space for a promo code on the booking page.

Does anyone know how to find/earn promo codes or are they just occasionally released for sales?

Thanks in advance!

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