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Anyone been to the Almond Beach Village in Barbados?

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PestoMonster Sat 16-Jun-07 10:38:34

We were booked to go to the Almond Casuarina beach last week of August & 1st week of September, but apparently it has not finished being refurbished. Almond have told us we will be re-located at the Almond Beach village in the north of the island instead. Has anyone got any experience of this resort? DDs will be 10 and 8 by the time we go. We haven't been to Barbados before so any tips would be very welcome.
Thank you

supamum1 Sat 16-Jun-07 14:52:14

Hi there I am booked into the Almond Village in October - looking forward to it havent heard any bad reviews

PestoMonster Sat 16-Jun-07 19:15:08

Anyone else been there?
Also was wondering what the road from the airport to resort is like as we had a pretty bad experience in St Lucia a couple of years ago, due to very windy roads through the banana plantations. Poor dd2 was not a well-bunny.

BecauseImWorthIt Sun 17-Jun-07 12:01:59

Yes, went there probably 10 years ago now.

It's not too bad a drive up there from what I recall.

It is a very big resort, which has its pluses and minuses. Plenty of swimming pools so lots of places that you can choose to swim/sit around. Beach wasn't fantastic, although they were working on it so it might be lovely by now!

Brilliant kids club.

When we were there, it wasn't just children/families, and there is a disco on site, so you might want to contact the hotel directly and see if they can reassure you that your room is in a quiet part of the hotel.

Housekeeping wasn't brilliant - rooms were kept very clean, but often trays from other people's room service was left outside for a couple of days.

Food was OK but not brilliant - a bit disappointing, to be honest - although the breakfast buffet is something to behold. Anything you could possibly think of to eat was there.

One thing to be aware of (and it happens in other hotels as well) because the main dining room is open at the front (because it is so hot) you do get a lot of birds flying in and keen to hoover up any crumbs/leftovers on the breakfast table. It's a fact of life, but I know some people got quite stressy about it.

All in all, although there were some negatives, we had a lovely holiday and it was good enough for us to want to return the following year. We couldn't get into the Almond Beach which is why we ended up going somewhere else, but we would have returned.

Enjoy it - Barbados is lovely and the people are wonderful.

dollyk Sat 23-Jun-07 18:17:41

I have stayed in the almond casuarina it was fab its changed since I was last there but great for going out at night as its near to bars and restrants if you eat out Joseph's was fab and bellins and the irish bar .
You do go through your money very quick
I think thats its changed to all incl now
I did go up the north side its nice ,
I think thats where mullins bay is.we also done the paragliding that was great did that at mullins bay and jet sking there is tons of water sports to do the sea is not so rough in the north I would say that the cat boats are great and you have lunch on the boat and cocktails.must stop now I am wanting to go back again now
have a great time

kid Thu 02-Aug-07 22:19:14

I'm thinking of booking 2 weeks at the Almond Beach Village for next year. Read lots of reviews on it, most of them are good. Several comments on the size of the rooms being a bit small. Standard rooms have no balcony so its worth upgrading.
There are loads of photos on Tripadvisor that holiday makers have taken and posted on the site, worth a look at.

PestoMonster Sun 05-Aug-07 13:03:13

Well, we've been given a superior deluxe room as that's the smallest room that we can all fit into. I expect it will be OK. I can report back to you after we get back and let you know how it went.

kid Sun 05-Aug-07 17:26:42

I think I have changed my mind yet again. We are now looking at going to the Dominican Republic. We have a choice of 3 hotels at the moment, need to make a decision soon.

SpawnHorcrux Sun 05-Aug-07 17:45:45

Ooooh - I look forward to hearing about it. We're staying there in Novenmber.

PestoMonster Sat 08-Sep-07 19:41:02

Well, we're back!!!
It was just fine. A bit busy the first week, but what do you expect in the school holidays? Oh, and the first room we were given was not good.. very dark and gloomy and right on the corner of a block. However, I went to guest services to ask for another and was given a beautiful room overlooking the sea in their newest block (7), which was great.

The dds, dh & I made full use of the watersports on offer and one of our highlights was swimming in the sea with turtles. We went on Flash's glass-bottomed boat (he works on the beach), just ask for him if he doesn't introduce himself to you.

Loads of other info, if you want it!

MollyCoddle Sat 22-Sep-07 13:22:45

Pesto - just seen this. Glad you had a good time!

Was the pic on your profile taken while you were there?

I don't suppose you had any reason to look in the baby creche? (Unlikely, looking at the ages of your DCs!).

Would you say the rooms are big enough for us (DH and I) to surreptitiously have a few drinks while the DCs are sleeping in the same room (ours are 2.7 and 13 months)?

Would love to hear more about it all!

PiratePestoMonster Sat 22-Sep-07 14:15:46

Hello MollyCoddle! The pic on my profile was taken in Grenada, but Barbados was nice too. As for rooms, I think some are better than others. When we were first allocated ours, we got given a large one but it was really dark & gloomy and right on the end of a block facing the adults-only pool. So I went to Guest Services and asked for an alternative. They moved us to Block 7 which was the newest accomodation right on the beachfront. Fab room, and lovely bathroom.

I didn't look in the creche, but the kids club ladies were all very nice and the dds were usually very keen.

I've just spoken to dd1 and she says the creche was perfectly clean and had lots of good stuff like lego, dinosaurs, toy farms and they do things like face-painting. They also day would have a themed evening from 4.30 till 5.00pm for the little ones, such as pirates.

Another thing about the room was a large tv (hidden inside a cabinet), so that might also buy you some time and of course you could always chill on your balcony/terrace whilst your dcs snooze too.

Feel free to ask any more questions, I can spout on and on as required... grin

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