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2 days in Bangkok - share your ideas

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ZombieHunter Sat 20-Oct-18 05:05:16

We were given two extra days off work (I live in China) and a friend and me are going to Bangkok for 4 days in total, but the first and last day are half days and we plan to just chill by the pool.

So, what shall we do in the other two, full days? Would like to go to the floating markets, but not sure which tour companies are good. We are open to anything, what are the must dos in the city? Temples? Lying Buddha? Where can we shop for tat? I'm addicted to shopping for shite Basically, how would you fill two full days? We are in our mid/late 30s, so late nights drinking are the only thing we won't be interest in.

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ShanghaiDiva Sun 21-Oct-18 02:38:48

These are some of my favourites:
Grand Palace
Temple of the Emerald Buddha
Temple of the reclining Buddha
Jim Thompson house
shopping at Siam Paragon, especially the book store
watching the monitor lizards in lumphini park
shopping at Thann - the products smell divine
If you fancy a day trip I have done the following:
Trip to Kanchanaburi and the bridge on the river kwai
trip to Ayutthaya temples
they are both easy trips from Bangkok - about 2 hours away, but most of the time is spent getting out of Bangkok.

travellinglighter Sun 21-Oct-18 07:23:21

Same as Shanghaidiva but add Pat Pong night market.

fuzzyduck1 Sun 21-Oct-18 10:55:34

Pat pong night market! Lol

So cowboy area is nice if you like pat pong.

If your there a weekend go to the big market. Chatatuk
MBK shopping center
Khao San Road
Boat trip along river
Ping pong show

ZombieHunter Wed 24-Oct-18 02:23:22

Thanks so much for all the suggestions, they sound great. Going to put an itinerary together for me and my friend.

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ZombieHunter Wed 24-Oct-18 02:33:37

ShanghaiDiva Can you recommend a tour operator for the Kanchanabury trip?

Also, does anyone know how to best experience the floating markets? Apparently some are really close to the centre, can we just get there by taxi or MRT and then watch the hustle and bustle?

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coppercolouredtop Wed 24-Oct-18 02:53:23

do the palace - defo
and if open minded the night markets. i bought nothing,....its all tat and crap but the bars are good and if youre women alone maybe you wont get hassled to go see "pussy" .....its an eye opener at any rate.

ZombieHunter Wed 24-Oct-18 06:20:53

I like buying tat and crap blush

I'll ask my friend if she fancies seeing the bars at night. I'm not too bothered, but might be an experience.

Will it be safe? As in, when I was in Vietnam, I had to ensure my phone and money was well hidden.

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ShanghaiDiva Wed 24-Oct-18 15:45:36

Hi Zombie
I didn't go on a tour to kanchnaburi, just hired a car and driver through the hotel and used lonely planet to plan the places I wanted to see. The museum next to the cemetery is very good.

coppercolouredtop Thu 25-Oct-18 04:58:20

i felt totally safe - just hassled a bit to go see the super pussy! but if you say no and walk on they do leave you alone. they dont keep hassling,

by tat and crap i mean fake watches
thats it really - wasnt my scene. dp was getting hassled to go find "pussy" even though he had hold of my hand.

coppercolouredtop Thu 25-Oct-18 05:01:01

oh forgot
do jim thompsons house. its a kind of mini museum now. really nice to do. a morning or afternoon is enough.

Placebogirl Thu 25-Oct-18 05:14:22

...makes a hard man humble. No? Just me?

coppercolouredtop Thu 25-Oct-18 05:29:33

That's one night in Bangkok!
This poster has 2!

ZombieHunter Fri 26-Oct-18 01:55:00

I actually have 3 nights!

I'm getting there, got the itinerary almost ready, thanks to your input.

Well, my friend wants to see the ladyboys and other pussy stuff erm for a laugh as in just take in the crazy atmosphere and I'm happy to do that too. Where is the best for that? Soi Cowboy area?

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ZombieHunter Fri 26-Oct-18 02:00:05

Here is the current plan with what we like with my still open questions:

Arrive lunch time, check in
Chill by pool
Wat Arun by night for Instagram pics (priorities, eh?)
Soi Cowboy for Saturday night fun - or anywhere else?

Floating Market - Taling or Amphawa? - which one is better? Still haven't found a tour operator or do we really just grab a taxi and go to either?
Khao San Road shopping at night

Temple of the Emerald Buddha
Grand Palace
Wat Pho (reclining Buddha)
Jim Thompson House
Lumphini Park if time
Something for the night?!

Chill by pool
Leave at lunchtime

What do you think? Monday is the main sightseeing day, Sunday focused on floating market and shopping for shite.

Would really love to do the trip that ShanghaiDiva mentions, but it seems too much of a squeeze for that short time.

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coppercolouredtop Sun 28-Oct-18 18:06:16

The queues at palace were long and took a long time to get in....might be trying to do a bit too much in one day? But we just caught taxis no organised trips. I was tired doing one or two things a day.

mimosalou Sun 28-Oct-18 23:08:49

I would definitely recommend the chatuchak weekend market , it’s best on a Saturday but as a warning you do need at least 3 - 4 hours , it’s the best huge market in south east Asia in my humble opinion.

fuzzyduck1 Thu 01-Nov-18 18:01:25

Floating market is a waist of time. China Town in Bangkok is mad and fun.

Mercurial123 Fri 02-Nov-18 10:02:15

Get Nancy Chandler's map you can get it from Asia Bookstore lots of great ideas for eating and shopping. It's beautifully designed she also does greeting cards.

ZombieHunter Sun 11-Nov-18 00:28:55

I'm back and had a great time! Thanks for all the recommendations. We actually got so much done and still had enough relaxing time by the pool. Here is my run down:

Wat Arun first night - beautiful! Seen it from both sides as in close up and the other side of the river. Got my Insta pictures ;)

Khao San road - we ended up there every single night! Not for drinking, but for shopping, massages and taking in the crazy atmosphere.

Taling Chan floating market was only 10 minutes tuktuk from our hotel and we arrived very early. Was great to see the locals sell their delicious food and goods. Had a mini trip on the river for an hour. Definitely loved this one, and glad we went early as it got full after.

Chatuchak for shopping. Oh my, we were in heaven! Bought so many things, especially the lovely trousers and skirts for future holidays. What a maze it was, it seemed to continue endlessly.

On the Monday morning we did the cultural stuff and did the Grand Palace and the reclining Buddha. Was good to see, but so full of tourists.

Went to the Thompson house, but was a little disappointed. I was hoping to learn more about silk, but it was all about Jim instead.

On our last night we were approached about a ping pong show on Khao San and after much deliberation we did it. There are things we cannot unsee blush. Definitely one of those "what happens in Thailand, stays in Thailand" experiences.

So, overall, thanks for all the advice, we had the right mix of sightseeing, shopping and relaxing and definitely enjoyed it.

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