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Dominican republic.... jabs info

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SJH2018 Wed 17-Oct-18 15:47:05

So we travel to the Dominican next month 26th. From the uk.
Do we need any jabs or medication beforehand? A friend has been before and has never taken anything previously. We don't plan on leaving our resort to go on any trips or anything.
Any advice would be great thank you!!!

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Finfintytint Wed 17-Oct-18 15:50:39

Ive never taken anything for Dom Rep. just make sure you have mosquito repellent.
Enjoy your hols.

Iaimtomisbehave1 Wed 17-Oct-18 15:51:52

Why would you travel to a beautiful country and never leave the resort? I never understand that mindset.

CartwheelCath Wed 17-Oct-18 15:52:42

Check out latest info on the Government website.

christravelwizard Wed 17-Oct-18 18:13:57

In some parts of the country there are cases of malaria and it's an area classified as a low risk Zica country.
The biggest risk in resort will be from contaminated water and food.
Drinks served in unopened, factory produced cans or bottles with intact seals such as carbonated drinks, commercially prepared fruit drinks, water and pasteurised drinks generally can be considered safe. Drinks made with boiled water and served steaming hot, such as tea and coffee are also usually safe.In countries with poor sanitation, it is not advisable to drink tap water or use it to clean teeth, unless it has been treated. Ice should also be avoided. Water can be disinfected by bringing it to a rolling boil [10-11]. Although boiling is a reliable method of disinfection, it may not always be convenient.
As with everyone else's tip here, avoid tap water, even for brushing teeth, avoid roadside food and places that look unclean.

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