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Jfk to manhattan - yellow cab or hotel shuttle?

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avenueq Sun 14-Oct-18 13:56:36

Yello cab is cheaper, but is there a reason to get hotel shuttle instead?

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avenueq Sun 14-Oct-18 18:50:53


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Tahani Sun 14-Oct-18 18:51:45

which hotel?
can you get the subway?

avenueq Sun 14-Oct-18 19:40:39

The hotel is near Madison Square Garden

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avenueq Sun 14-Oct-18 21:53:08


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didireallysaythat Sun 14-Oct-18 21:54:53

I did the same trip by Uber this week.

MynameisJune Sun 14-Oct-18 22:03:56

If you get a yellow cab make sure it’s from the official taxi place not the drivers that loiter near the exit. Or else they’ll charge you a fortune.

carrie74 Mon 15-Oct-18 14:29:14

WE got a yellow cab last time, I seem to recall there being a fixed price set up for airport-manhattan.

Ta1kinpeace Mon 15-Oct-18 14:30:24

Do the subway - much easier and a LOT cheaper

JosellaPlayton Mon 15-Oct-18 17:45:33

There is fixed fare in a yellow cab so including all tolls, tax and a tip you’re looking at about $65.

Subway is easy as long as you have a manageable amount of luggage- air train to Jamaica then swap to the LIRR to Penn station (presuming Penn station is near your hotel as it’s v close to Madison sq gardens). Can’t remember the cost but it’s cheaper than a cab and often quicker if it’s rush hour.

Alternatively, get an Uber.

No way would I bother with a hotel shuttle, especially if it’s more money.

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