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Which Thai Island

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Tangoes Sun 14-Oct-18 05:45:13

We are off to Thailand in January 2019 with DD who will be 2.5.Last year we went to Phuket but we would like to go to an Island this time round eg Koh Lanta, Koh Chang, Koh Lipe or even Samui.
Any recommendations from those who have travelled with kids?we would like beachfront access and good internet connection as hubby will have to work.
Thanks in advance

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GoldenMcOldie Sun 14-Oct-18 05:49:49

Samui has lovely resorts but it is very commercialised and the sea/reef is very very damaged/non existent.

If beachfront is your thing, have you considered the Maldives. Much cleaner, better snorkeling etc.

Tangoes Sun 14-Oct-18 08:09:06

Thanks @GoldenMcOldie.We have our flights booked to Bangkok so looking for a week of RNR on a Thai Island after visiting Cambodia.I was last on Samui in 2004 and it was certainly very commercialised then.

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BusterGonad Sun 14-Oct-18 09:59:04

I like Koh Samui, we always stay in the beach huts, not very good internet access but we tend to book the $20 a night huts.

KingPrawnyousay Sun 14-Oct-18 10:05:08

If you've got a healthy budget the Six Senses on Yao Noi is amazing.
It's a pretty, unspoiled island with a first rate hotel.

Stopyourhavering64 Sun 14-Oct-18 17:30:38

Koh Phangan is incredible...we stayed at Anantara arrive at resort by speedboat from Koh Samui (35 min boat ride) ...child friendly and incredibly fast internet!...every room has its own plunge pool
Beautiful powder white sand and very chilled resort and within easy walking distance of the local village where there are plenty of places to eat

Tangoes Sun 14-Oct-18 19:42:46

Thanks for all your suggestions.The Six Senses and Ananatara properties look amazing but unfortunately are out of our budget.We'd like to spend up to £150 per night.

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Tangoes Sun 14-Oct-18 19:45:05

That should read £150 per night

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alphajuliet123 Wed 17-Oct-18 22:02:32

If you're doing Bangkok and Cambodia then definitely go to Ko Chang and/or Ko Samet, I've been all over Thailand and think Samet was my favourite island. Didn't have kids then though and it was still quite basic/unspoilt so Chang might be a better option.

Samet is about 150 miles from Bangkok and Chang is near Trat on the Cambodian border.

Tangoes Thu 18-Oct-18 08:48:07

Thanks for the advice.I'm veering towards Koh Chang as we could get a private transfer from Siem Reap in about 6 hours.The flight to Krabi involves a long wait and then a taxi to Lanta.Good beaches for kids on Koh Chang too.

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alphajuliet123 Thu 18-Oct-18 11:32:02

I loved Ko Lanta too but the beaches up north were nicer, the whitest sand in all of Thailand! Do look at Samet as well if you can do both, there wasn't a single swimming pool on the island when I was there but I imagine a few lovely resorts have sprung up since.

Those two islands were the last places we went (after travelling the area for several months) before flying home from BKK but I wish we'd stayed longer and it's where I will head back to next time.

Loved Siem Reap too, the town was so pretty and the temples just amazing. Very envious of your adventure!!

Tangoes Thu 18-Oct-18 12:08:25

Thanks @alphajuliet123.I'll take a look at Koh Samet too.I know it's popular with Thai's and foreign expats.
I too love Thailand and the surrounding region.I've been to Cambodia (a few times )before but it's different travelling with a child.Now I have to pre book and every place has to have a poolsad

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alphajuliet123 Thu 18-Oct-18 12:14:30

Haha, I know what you mean / feel your pain, not as easy to be spontaneous with kids in tow! Sounds like Chang will be perfect for you. One thing I do remember is that in the northern part of the island the tide came in leaving just a tiny strip of sand. Think it was better further south.

alphajuliet123 Mon 05-Nov-18 23:53:04

Did you get anything sorted @Tangoes

Tangoes Tue 06-Nov-18 18:30:56

@alphajuliet123 although we looked at Koh Samet we went for Koh Chang in the end.It's around a six hour drive from siem Reap so kinda easier for us. Accomodation seems to be cheaper there too compared to the Andaman side.Thanks for your help.

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alphajuliet123 Tue 06-Nov-18 18:33:16

Good choice, I think there'll be more to do on Chang. So envious, have fun!!

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