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Help me plan an amazing holiday with a big family

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Mitsufishi Tue 09-Oct-18 12:02:04

We have just inherited a small(ish) amount of money and would like to spend it on a great family holiday. We have 4DC aged 7, 5 yo twins and 2. We’re going during the Easter holidays.

I’d like to go on a bit of an adventure rather than to a straight up resort. Although maybe it could be part adventure part resort? The DC are all quite robust and adventurous. The only thing is that we all get incredibly car sick so I’d prefer a holiday that didn’t require loads of driving.

My two ideas have been;
Costa Rica doing partly rainforest in some amazing hotel and partly more low key beach resort type thing?
Thailand, similar maybe some time in the North then to an island for downtime, snorkelling etc

We’ve Not been on that many holidays since DC have been born so I’m not that experienced in what’s appropriate.

Any advice would be much appreciated!

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sleepismysuperpower1 Tue 09-Oct-18 17:20:41

would you consider doing something like this? all the best x

Mitsufishi Thu 11-Oct-18 08:54:17

That’s so perfect thank you. How long is the flight do you know?

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sleepismysuperpower1 Thu 11-Oct-18 17:11:46

it depends where you go i think. a flight to Muscat is around 7hrs 35mins

snowman1 Thu 11-Oct-18 18:06:30

Costa Rica is an amazing destination and would tick your "adventure" box, plus direct flights now from LGW, but be warned, the roads are really windy, try booking internal flights if you can, although even the flights are a little hairy. My 4 year old struggled with the humidity too although your kids may not. Have you considered Malaysia? It will also be really humid but there it fits the criteria of adventure and not so much driving. You could fly into Singapore, loads to do there with kids, the night zoo, the botanical gardens, then train/plane it up to KL and Penang get a nice beach resort? The flight time is about 14 hours but most people break it up in the ME. There would be no shame in booking an all inclusive in the carribean though, somewhere like Cuba or St Lucia would be lovely with plenty to do. Kuoni or Virgin holidays brochures are a good place to start. Love the look of Oman!

christravelwizard Mon 15-Oct-18 20:40:36

Hi Mitsufishi, Have you managed to find anything? Gosh, I remember when my children (3) were that age! We travelled everywhere with them!
If you haven't found anything, here are a few suggestions (without knowing what really excites you!):
1. A week in Disney World Resort (5 theme parks) followed by a week in Mexico on the Mayan coast
2. A cruise along the Norwegian coast and Fjords with daily stopovers to hike, go on husky rides and snowmobiles and a remote chance at Easter time of seeing the Northern Lights
3. If you can bear a couple of hours drive at a time interspersed with 1-4 hour excursions, Iceland or Greenland are the most remarkable and stunning places to experience. In Iceland you can swim amongst icebergs, visit volcanoes, snowmobile along the glaciers, see geysers and a landscape that will take your breath away.
If you can tell me what really excites all of you I can give you a lot more options. All the best! smile.

Ilikecakes Mon 15-Oct-18 20:46:30

Southern California: gorgeous weather in April, loads of stuff to do and lovely beaches if you just want to have some down time too.

We went last year with three DC (7, 6 and 2....and DC4 in utero actually!), based ourselves in San Diego. Lots of do there in itself (amazing zoo, USS Medway, Seaworld, fan beaches) and nipped up the coast (2.5 hour drive) to LA for a few days to do Disney, Santa Monica etc there.

Good luck, what a lovely decision to be making!

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