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Alwayscheerful Mon 01-Oct-18 16:19:12

Thinking about booking flights departing from Birmingham mid December and returning Christmas Day or Boxing Day. Would like to explore Bangkok for a few days and relax on a beach somewhere quiet.

There seems to be plenty of flights in and out of Bangkok at a reasonable price, would a couple of nights on arrival be a good idea? 4 or 5 star? Any recommendations for a decent hotel in Bangkok? maybe a couple before the return flight? , any suggestions for beach accommodation ? not sure if we should book internal flights or use the overnight sleeper train. What sort of budget should we allow for de ent accommodation near the beach? looking for inspiration/recommendation!!

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WhatYouGonnaDoKatie Wed 03-Oct-18 20:17:07

For a quieter beach experience look at Ko Lanta. You can get there easily from Krabi airport - get an internal flight from Bangkok.
Can’t really help with Bangkok hotels as we were backpacking - but did get a last minute deal so treated ourselves to a few nights at the Lebua before flying home, it’s got the sky bar where the Hangover 2 was filmed!

shapeshifter88 Wed 03-Oct-18 20:18:51

I've been several times and wouldn't stay in Bangkok longer than 2 nights. best to get to the islands asap.

ivykaty44 Wed 03-Oct-18 20:19:01

I stayed in the Marriott riverside and it was lush, not sure if it’s still there

CarolDanvers Wed 03-Oct-18 20:24:15

Hated Bangkok. Everyone I know struggled with it and couldn't wait to leave. We spent two nights and it was more than enough. Flew down to Krabi after and it was lovely there.

SinglePringle Wed 03-Oct-18 20:27:49

Bangkok is crazy. Think of it as a decompression chamber for entering / leaving Thailand. There are some incredible areas (riverside, the temples) in the city but it smacks you in the face whilst assaulting all your senses. I’m well travelled and think it to be one of the most mental cities in the world. I loved and hated it in equal measure.

CarolDanvers Wed 03-Oct-18 20:30:45

We stayed here in Krabi and it was gorgeous, direct pool access rooms, which my kids were beyond happy with.

Alwayscheerful Wed 03-Oct-18 20:31:59

Many thanks. The Lebua looks fab! Sounds like 2 nights will be enough, just secured return flights for £455 each.

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thehairyhog Wed 03-Oct-18 20:33:43

We stayed in the Lebua too at the end of a long busy backpacking trip and barely left the hotel - mostly saw Bangkok from above - terrible to admit, but absolute bliss! It's very far south, but favourite place was Koh Lipe.

breadwidow Wed 03-Oct-18 20:39:18

Ooo lot of hate for Bangkok. I loved it! It's big, bit mental but the street food is amazing & I have never eaten so well in my life. On our long trip there we left the islands 2 days early so we could go back to Bangkok & just eat and eat before returning home. I don't know about 4/5 star hotels as was on a budget both times I went to Bangkok so stayed here: I'd recommend it though (well I went back after first visit!): very nice, clean and quiet with comfy beds. It's on a quiet side street off a main drag which had some fabulous food (if you are happy with sitting on a plastic chair on the road side but that's one of the reasons I ❤️ Thailand),

Todamhottoday Wed 03-Oct-18 20:39:49

Been to Bangkok and Thailand as a whole many many times. First visit over 20 years ago, we worked there as well.

If its your first visit I would say 3 nights in the city, there is plenty to see and get over the flight. But prices are creeping up compared to what you would of go even a couple of years ago for a good quality hotel. Bangkok is not the place it once was for excellent quality hotels at a good price.

In April this year we stayed at the Okura as we like the Japanese brand, not worth the cost, but there are many to choose from, just set yourself a budget. Stayed everywhere from the Pen, Mandarin, Sheraton, Intercontinental....on and on

As far as a beach resort goes depends what your looking for budget wise and your style of holiday, you can either fly or get private transport. Been to many Islands as well as other areas all over the country.

Really think you need to look at guidebooks/Trip advisor/Travel Agent to get a better idea of whats for you and of course your budget and what your wanting out of your holiday, dont know your age but some Islands or geared to different groups..

Thailand has changed a lot over the years, and IMO not for the better and yes it can be like marmite some love it and some really dislike it, but hey ho thats like most holiday places!

Soontobe60 Wed 03-Oct-18 20:45:47

We went to Khao Lak in December a while ago, fly down to Phuket then get a taxi to the resort. It's fab! However, it's the high season, so hotels are more expensive and in demand. Don't even bother with the train unless you like slumming it!

Ginslinger Wed 03-Oct-18 20:49:06

Bangkok airways is a great airline for internal flights this hotel was great - right on the river and you could pick up the river bus from there and get to lots of different places. The hotel had loads of restaurants within walking distance and a cab to the main sights was cheap as chips

ivykaty44 Wed 03-Oct-18 20:51:46

I loved Bangkok, the monorail and the river boat were great for getting about, along with toot toots, obviously there are some places to avoid. Busy bustling city, I spent three days with two dc 3 & 9 and we all enjoyed it. I’d spent some time inThailand prior to this and love the country and people

bellsbuss Wed 03-Oct-18 21:16:56

Love Thailand , Bangkok is crazy but good fun did 3 nights there and stayed at the Marriott then moved on to Phuket and stayed at the Evason in a duplex which was amazing.

Alwayscheerful Wed 03-Oct-18 21:21:32

Just the two of us now, grown up children doing their own. backpacking thing. We are however past the clubbing stage.
Have booked 3 nights 5 star in Bangkok.
Looking for a relaxing beach holiday we will enjoy street food & sightseeing .Accommodation doesn't need to be 5 star but not hostel either, Ideally within an hour or two of Bangkok.

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Todamhottoday Wed 03-Oct-18 22:08:55

So where did you book in Bangkok?

Alwayscheerful Thu 04-Oct-18 07:44:11

The Lebua!

Will try one of the other recommendations on the return leg, but agree any where near the river and sky train is good in terms of location.

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WhatYouGonnaDoKatie Thu 04-Oct-18 17:23:57

Krabi is nice, Phi Phi main town is backpacker central but some of the resorts further round the coast might be ok, also liked Ko Tao but harder to get to. My favourite is Ko Lanta, just look at TripAdvisor / for hotels.
I also want to go back and try Ko Lipe.

Phuket is horrific, and very different to other Thai islands. If you just want an all inclusive hotel that will do you package tours to places of interest, you might be alright, but if you want to see the country and experience a bit more of Thailand, it’s culture, food etc don’t do it!

Firesidegl0w Thu 04-Oct-18 18:01:56

Recommend stay in Bangkok 3 or 4 nights. Visit royal palace, river boat trip, temple of dawn, reclining Buddha, China town, BTK indoor market, chattatuk outside market, Asiatique area. You can get a cheap flight to Krabi where you can visit beaches, market and day trips to jungle. You can get ferry to islands like Koh Lanta, Koh Lipi, Langkawi then fly back to Bangkok. There are 2 airports in Bangkok. Alternatively, you can fly direct to Koh Samui and get ferry to Koh Pagan. Or Bangkok then fly or train to Chang Mai. It's easy and fairly cheap to travel once in Thailand. Look or other hotel comparison sites, you get lots for your money in Thailand.

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