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Thailand with Toddler and Baby

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DRSLondon Thu 27-Sep-18 14:00:19

Hi all,

My husband and I are taking our 8 month old and 3 year old to Thailand. We have 3 weeks. Seems like Chaing Mai is a must but where else would you recommend?
Thanks in advance!

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Furrycushion Thu 27-Sep-18 14:10:45

I would recommend waiting until they are older! But as you are going, what sort of things do you like to do? Beaches, temples, trekking? Off the beaten track or tourist stuff? What time of year are you going?

nhssecretary Thu 27-Sep-18 14:16:39

Chiang Mai is amazing
We did a jungle tour on motorbikes with a company called something like
Try something new?
We stayed at a hotel called puri pun I believe which wasnt amazing despite being highly rated in Conde Nast

If you do Bangkok (which I loved) can highly recommend mandarin residence on wireless road
It's super close to the amazing lumpini park

Re the island and beaches
I was really anxious when were coastal.
The outrigger phi phi island is where the tsunami basically ate. It's horrific. 10 years after the tsunami when we went there and honestly there were still boats upside down in the trees. It was very eerie.

Tangoes Thu 27-Sep-18 16:37:04

We took DD at eighteen months to Bangkok, Chiang Mai and Phuket. We flew internally and the flights were fine.
We are going back next year but will go to one of the outlying islands this time.Pre baby we went to Koh Samui and that was lovely.

PollyFlinderz Thu 27-Sep-18 16:41:10

Thailand is very much a country where you can go with very young children on holiday.

In fact where I live it’s kind of the go to place for various nationalities to have a family holiday.

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