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Chicago hotel advice

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MegCleary Mon 03-Sep-18 11:42:24

Heading to the states Oct half term. Staying with family a fair bit looking for recommendations did a hotel near where all the action is for two nights. Family room needed DH and 2 dds all very excited re the trip but struggling to sort hotel. Attempting to use the MN wisdom.

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ThanosSavedMe Mon 03-Sep-18 11:47:50

I’ve stayed at what is now called the Thompson Hotel in Bellevue place, was in the middle of everything in downtown Chicago. Make sure you visit The Original Pancake House (over the road from the hotel) at least once even if you go to a different hotel!

RaspberryBeret34 Mon 03-Sep-18 11:49:01

I stayed at the ambassador Chicago which was very nice and pretty central. We booked through Hotwire which is a great site for last minute hotel bookings.

ThanosSavedMe Mon 03-Sep-18 11:49:02

Just seen you have 2 dds, be warned , everyone will tell you to go to the American Girl store, freaky as hell and very expensive.

Love Chicago though

Defender90 Mon 03-Sep-18 11:50:15

We stayed at the Westin River North - we chose it because it was near our rental car drop off but it was perfect, close to plenty of eateries, easy walk to Navy Pier and all the action down there - we did a river cruise as well.

AttilaTheMeerkat Mon 03-Sep-18 11:50:50

Can well recommend the Embassy Suites Chicago Downtown on N State Street. Lovely place with nice sized rooms and ideal for families. Breakfast is also included as part of the room rate.

diymania Mon 03-Sep-18 11:59:04

We stayed in the Aloft city centre this summer with our 2 DS. Good sized room with 2 big beds (bigger than king), nice hotel (quite funky!) just off the magnificent mile. Great location for downtown. (We used to live in downtown Chicago pre-kids so know the area really well). It’s only 3 star but felt like higher (it was recommended to us through trailfinders, but obviously you can book separately too).

twingygirl Mon 03-Sep-18 21:47:11

Any of the hotels mentioned above are fine. Chicago has so many family friendly hotels it's hard to go wrong. I've stayed in the Aloft and the Embassy Suites. Both fine. The Near North neighborhood (where the Thompson and the Ambassador are located, along with many many others) is a more residential, but still very happening, neighborhood. Totally agree with the Original Pancake House on Bellevue! My dad took me there every Sunday as a kid, and now I take my daughter when I'm in town. Dont miss the Architectural River Cruise (kids will get a kick out of the boat ride itself) Make sure it's the one run by the Architecture Foundation. It's the best tour in Chicago! Also fun boats out of Navy Pier, most of which you can skip, for my money. Most importantly, see the Museum of Science and Industry! Best museum, especially for kids, in a city of great museums. Spring for the Uboat tour and the Coal Mine!

faeriequeen Mon 03-Sep-18 21:48:23

Love the Essex. Great location and views.

TroubledLichen Tue 04-Sep-18 00:39:11

Yes the museum of science and industry is amazing, took me ages to visit as the title sounds quite dull but it’s really amazing and I regret not doing it sooner. Get there early or avoid the weekend as the popular extra tours like the Pixar exhibition or the u-boat sell out.

If your DD are young then the children’s museum on navy pier is a good way to spend a raining morning. And Lincoln Park zoo is brilliant and free. Don’t miss the farm bit as they have loads of special activities for kids.

As for hotels, when we run out of space we send the family to Hotel Lincoln in Lincoln Park because it’s close by, they have suites and it’s great but probably a bit further out than you’re looking for.

Hope you have a great holiday!

MegCleary Tue 04-Sep-18 22:10:30

These are all great suggestions, many thanks. Keep em coming

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MegCleary Mon 10-Sep-18 20:48:29

Final bump

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MegCleary Mon 10-Sep-18 22:32:24


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SassitudeandSparkle Mon 10-Sep-18 22:37:59

I always recommend the architectural boat tour, Navy Pier is fun (do they still have the jumping water fountains?) and don't forget Marshall Fields (shop). One of my favourite cities.

twingygirl Mon 10-Sep-18 22:53:41

Depending on the ages of your girls...Love the Farm in the Zoo at LIncoln Park, and the zoo itself, all free. Great little lake around there where you can rent boats. For the younger ones, the Children's Museum at Navy Pier is fun. Field Museum for TONS of stuff for everyone. The aforementioned Museum of Science and Industry is not to be missed. The Shedd Aquarium is very good. For older kids, if the weather is good, rent bikes anywhere along the beach, you can bike for miles and miles along the shore (if the weather behaves). Skip the expensive observatory in the Willis Tower, and book a meal instead at the 94th floor of the John Hancock building. Better views, IMHO. For a nice dressier dinner that is still totally family friendly, try Lawry's Prime rib just off Michigan Ave. Wonderful building and good food. Milleneum Park is full of acres of cool playgrounds, climbing walls, and interesting gardens and fountains. Architectural Boat Tour (the real one run by the Foundation) is the absolute best place to start.

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