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Perth, WA mid Oct - early Nov - what to pack, last minute trip to visit family

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Sandgroper Sat 01-Sep-18 09:56:30


Shoutout to any Mums in Perth who can advise!

I am going “home” to Perth from UK for a last minute trip due to family illness, with 2 DS (10,12 both born in UK).

Trouble is I don’t know what to pack since they have had such a wet cold winter (by Perth standards anyway). And we have had such roasting summer. Haven’t been back for 4 years and it was April last time we visited.

We are staying in Cottesloe and then going on a houseboat in Mandurah for a few days. I realise it will be windy staying by the beach.

Should I pack stuff that we would wear in a normal UK summer e.g. shorts, T-shirts, jeans, light fleeces and maybe a raincoat? Oh and bathers in the hope my boys will swim at the beach. DH had told them stories about sharks and I was not amused!

I have vague hopes of packing light😁


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antipodeankat Mon 03-Sep-18 11:31:32

Hello fellow @Sandgroper! Sounds like you have the right idea to me. I'm currently back in Perth for the second year after living in the UK. My in laws (from Nottingham) visited last November and they thought it was like summer (so, t shirts, shirts, light trousers and a summer jacket), we did have some rain but also a week at about 30ish and sunny. That's what struck me after 4 years in the UK was the sun - it was nearly painfully bright. So... sunnies! We arrived back in late March and I had to get some... even for DS who was 1.

I think you're right re this winter/UK summer, it has been particularly wet and cold here and winter started late, so maybe summer will too.... it's hard to know.

Oh and staying at Cott/ having a house boat, sounds awesome!

Sandgroper Mon 03-Sep-18 11:55:46


Many thanks for your reply. Glad I am on the right track. I will keep an eye on the weather in the coming weeks.

I have been in the UK for nearly 21 years 😲, can’t believe it! DH and I originally from Perth.

Will def take sunnies for my boys. They are hopeless at staying in the shade etc in hot countries and their beach etiquette isn’t much better. We just had a holiday in the south of France and they were shaking their sandy towels on a crowded beach much to my horror!

Hope you are enjoying life in Perth must have been a shock to the system after the UK, but it has lots to offer especially if you have a little one. There are still things I miss even after all this time.

Really looking forward to staying at the beach and the houseboat is going to be lots of fun (even if it cost a fortune according to DH) given the dire rate of the pound to the dollar...

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