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ChaCha Tue 05-Jun-07 22:37:21

We want to go on holiday but can't decide where. Camping holiday still on the cards but we have seen some v.good deals to Turkey. We have 2 DC, 18mths and almost 4 months - any suggestions of where we could go in Turkey? I would love to visit Istanbul and Konya although am quite happy at a resort.
I've heard the Caprice beach hotel in Marmaris is ok. Anyone?

Busybean Tue 05-Jun-07 23:26:26

Hi chacha(BUSYALEXSMUMMY HERE!) how are you?!
Were also thinking about turkey for next summer.
we are looking at asena village, hisaronu, it seems a really relaxing resort in a peaceful location

tortoise Tue 05-Jun-07 23:29:11

I have no idea but my parents and my little brother live in Turkey. They moved there about 18 mths ago.
I hope to visit one day!

ChaCha Wed 06-Jun-07 10:04:58

BusyBean - Where and how are you?? Spill the busy beans pleasssse!!

Tortoise - Hope you are able to visit them soon. Just out of interest, did they choose to live there out of choice or is work-related IYSWIM?

smittenkitten Wed 06-Jun-07 14:31:35

my (american) mum has just written a book about the 2 years she spent living in turkey with my dad's family while he was doing his military service in the 1970s. It would be a great introduction to turkey, its people, religion and culture - a gentle and gab beach read. It's called *"forty camel girl" by e grace beyler* and is available on (not in bookshops because it was published in turkey though it's in english)

wannaBe Wed 06-Jun-07 14:43:33

I went to turkey 12 years ago and absolutely loved it. went to a place called Side (sp?) and had a great time there. there is one thing that would put me off going there with young children though, although I don't know whether this is still the case.

The sewage system in turkey is such that the pipes cannot accommodate toilet paper, thus you have to put all used toilet paper into a bin next to the toilet - this is then emptied. As I say this was 12 years ago so I don't know whether this is still the case but if it is then that would put me off going there with young children because of the hygiene aspect.

But turkey itself is lovely and the people are wonderful and hospitable and I would love to go back some day.

ChaCha Fri 08-Jun-07 10:25:54

Can anyone recommend anywhere in the South? There are some good deals at the moment but i just haven't a clue.

Starmummy Fri 08-Jun-07 15:06:26

Depends on what you want. We have travelled to Turkey many times over the last 20 years. My personal favourite is Kalkan, no beach to speak of but beach clubs set over the water very nice. Fab restaurants.
Other places include Hisaronaou, Fethyie. All these are fairly comfortable and not too wild. Bodrum centre is like a scrum, although it has a fab castle for kids, good shops, restaurants but just oh so many people. Goeck is lovely. All the Turks love children, food and wine are reaonably cheap, qulaity is great.
All in all have a fab holiday. Some places are a bit busy/noisy/late, like Gumbet.

All in all have a fab holiday.

Quattrocento Fri 08-Jun-07 15:12:04

Spent three months backpacking around Turkey during a vacation 20 years ago. Returned to it two years ago with husband and children in tow. It is completely different now. The dcs LOVED it and want to go back there all the time.

Suggestions - well Hisonaru and Olu Deniz were both lovely. A bit resorty but lovely nonetheless. Both Bodrum and Marmaris are a bit resorty too. Istanbul is great but my preference is to stay away from big cities with small children - just a personal thing. Fethiye is great too. Another place which is not very touristy was Cannakale - close to Troy - so you get history and sea minus (surprisingly) too many tourists. Depends what you want I suppose.

lovelymoo Fri 08-Jun-07 15:37:37

i have been to Hisaronu four times over the last three years. It is lovely in the mountains so cooler then on the coast. Only 10mins walk to the town and you can get to the beach easily or into fetihye(SP). The place is really child friendly too. We took DD1 when she was 20mth and DD2 was 4mth the first time and then went back the following year. DD1 keeps asking if we can go back all the time

ChaCha Fri 08-Jun-07 16:08:16

Thank you. Spoke to travel rep this morning who said Marmaris was very 'touristy' and to avoid it if that's not what i wanted. Am thinking Antalya..although website for preferred hotel is in Turkish and cannot read up on it yet.

CoteDAzur Fri 20-Jul-07 19:32:16

Would you consider the higher-priced options? (If so, this is excellent.

Are you interested in a staying in a resort for the duration of your stay, or do you want to venture out, see the sights, mingle with the locals, etc?

colander Fri 20-Jul-07 19:40:20

Went to Turkey about 7 years ago in early July. Temp was 45 degrees C Yep - forty-five!!! And apparently we had just missed the heat wave . Thought I had better warn you. Make sure where you stay has air con. I'm a real sun worshipper but it was too hot for me.

motheroftwoboys Sat 11-Aug-07 15:40:51

We have just returned from Lykia World, near Olu Deniz. Would thoroughly recommend it!! BTW loos/bathrooms etc spotless!! And excellent air con - we needed it!

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