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1 day by myself in Singapore

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grumpy4squash Sat 25-Aug-18 23:48:15

What can I fit into a day and an evening? It's not a holiday, it's the day between getting off a plane from the UK and a day of business meetings (returning the the UK straight afterwards)! Jet lag will be significant. But I don't want to waste an opportunity - I've never been there. I'm assuming Singapore is fine for lone females and easy to get around as it isn't very big.....

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ZombieHunter Sun 26-Aug-18 07:35:22

I just looked through our pics and I recon you could:

8.00 - 12.00
Arab quarters, Little India and Chinatown (take taxi in between)

13.00 - 15.00
Clarke Quay

16.00 - 18.00
Gardens by the bay

19.00 - 21.00
Marina Bay promenade plus lightshow

You'll be shattered, but you should be able to get all this in and see the majority of Singapore.

grumpy4squash Sun 26-Aug-18 15:27:04

That sounds amazing! If you had to rank those four options in order of preference, what would you say?

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Blondiecub0109 Sun 26-Aug-18 15:28:38

Eat at glutton’s bay (outdoor food court) whilst people watching

TangelasVine Sun 26-Aug-18 15:35:03

It's very safe and easy to get around.
I'd recommend the botanical gardens (daylight helps with jet lag)
Eat in little India
Night zoo is fantastic

specialsubject Sun 26-Aug-18 20:07:27

zoo is a long way out - day time is better as you see more but you havent time for that. Singapore is perfectly safe with normal sense and public transport is great, buy a day pass. you wont want to walk far and remember not to jaywalk. no eating or drinking on public transport either.

botanic gardens are wonderful and I think there is an mrt station now. food court there was brilliant although it has been a while. or eat in mall food courts as a respite from the heat. Raffles hotel is worth a look, as is the merlion by the river.

food courts , sigh....

ZombieHunter Mon 27-Aug-18 00:41:57

Grumpy They were all great in their own right.

Arab street - lovely food, beautiful mosque

Little India - amazingly colourful streetart and cute temple

Chinatown - fantastic for trinkets / souvenir shopping

Clarke Quay - very quaint area with lovely food and perfect for people watching

Gardens by the bay - immaculate gardens and one of the must do in Singapore

Marina Bay Sands - amazing lightshow, great to just sit on the promenade and watch it from there

ButtonMoonLoon Mon 27-Aug-18 00:48:24

Night safari is fantastic- highly recommend!

SheSnapsThenSheFarts Mon 27-Aug-18 18:28:52

As someone who continuously thinks of her stomach, Raffles for afternoon tea. The best pot of tea I'd had in ages there.....

SheSnapsThenSheFarts Mon 27-Aug-18 18:28:55

As someone who continuously thinks of her stomach, Raffles for afternoon tea. The best pot of tea I'd had in ages there.....

Girlgoneglobal Sun 02-Sep-18 14:20:19

Download Grab.

Get up and walk through the botanic gardens for coffee and breakfast at Atlas Coffee House - watch Singapore wake up, walk its dogs and practice tai-chi.

Get a Grab and head to Gardens by the Bay and the bio domes. Drink a LOT of water... have a mooch.

Grab or walk through the monstrosity that is Marina Bay Sands and if you want to drink a Singapore Sling in Singapore try the pop-up Long Bar (Raffles still closed).

Have a spot of lunch at Artichoke (if middle eastern food is your thing). It's ok to want to die of jet leg at this point and head back for a snooze or a dip by the pool.

If not then other people like Arab St/Little India etc or for what it's like to be born to Singaporean parents check out Haw Par Villa where generations of children have been petrified with visions of what will happen if they don't do their homework. Or the National or Peranakan Museums.

Wake up or head to The National Gallery and watch the sun go down with a cocktail at Smoke and Mirrors.

And finish your day with a spot of Singapore Chilli Crab at Jumbo Seafood - spicy sticky heaven. Lots of outlets but the one by East Coast Park is most atmospheric.

Sleep well on plane home!

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