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Bali in April with one son

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Pushpins40 Fri 10-Aug-18 11:54:28

We're going to Bali in April with one son, 8 years old.

My preference is always to stay in smaller, quiet places but I want him to meet other kids, so I'm booking a mix of places - hotels with pools etc, where I think he'll find other kids to play with.

Any suggestions of nice hotels on the outskirts of Ubud? Away from the noise? Family centered places where he'll find some pals for a few days?

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ToesInWater Mon 13-Aug-18 01:26:31

Not sure where you are coming from but if you make sure you tie in with Aus school holidays (13-28 April in NSW but they do vary by state) there should be plenty of kids around. Our kids are older, we have stayed at Bali Dream Resort on the outskirts of Ubud a couple of times, it is small, quiet and very friendly with a mix of villas and two separate pools but no specific activities for kids so it would completely depend on who else happened to be staying there.

Pushpins40 Mon 13-Aug-18 06:48:55

We're from the UK. We arrive a bit earlier than that, but overlap for a week.

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