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Vancouver area recommendations - activities for children and families

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purplepandas Tue 07-Aug-18 15:01:06

Thanks all. Literally just back in n the UK. We did Lynn Canyon yesterday which was lovely. Have done Grouse Mountain before and Capilano was loved by the children ( way cheaper and less busy after 5pm).

We have done Vancouver Island in the past and did Banff, Jasper etc this time too. Felt way more at home there. Everyone likes different things I guess but I very much appreciated the help. Hope others can benefit also!

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BestIsWest Mon 06-Aug-18 19:00:37

No tips but I felt exactly the same as you. We’d been to Banff etc and Vancouver Island and hitting Vancouver was such a shock to the system. It was also 30 degrees which didn’t help.

SavvySaver24 Sun 05-Aug-18 07:58:44

Capilano and Grouse Mountain are well worth the money. Granville Island is another option. The aquarium is OK too.

purplepandas Sun 05-Aug-18 06:22:22

Thanks for the recommendation for Stevenson. Went there today as whale watching was located there. It was lovely and a fantastic play park ( including splash park).

Has anyone done Shannon Falls and Squamish? Really fancy it but concerned about child boredom.

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purplepandas Sat 04-Aug-18 07:59:46

Thanks, some great recommendations. We did Burnaby today plus park and then Capilano after 5. So much cheaper and way less busy. Have been to Vancouver pre kids but diff with children. I loved it then but we were so central in a hotel.

I think stressful as not staying in town and doing air b and b. It's clean but basement flat so no natural light. It's really getting to me. I need outside and light! We have come from lots of mountain stops on the trip and it has really made me realise how much a mountain/nature girl rather than a city girl I am. I think being in the suburbs is not helping at all. In all the other places we were literally surrounded by nature ( Jasper, Canmore etc). City is easier to walk around if you are based in it. Getting back last night after lots of walking was not fun ( uphill to sky train and late). I have learned some lessons. Never book accommodation with no outside light at all.

Just one more day to fill as tomorrow has plans. Definitely something outside for the last day. Contemplating Squamish actually as outside with nature and gondola etc.

Thanks all. 😀

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Shadowboxerbaby Fri 03-Aug-18 20:46:01

Haven't been with kids as we can went on honeymoon but Capilano was amazing as was the aquarium..

bettythebutterfly Fri 03-Aug-18 19:54:40

If you need a quiet hour or two, head to the main branch of the Vancouver Public Library. The children's section in the basement is great. Lots to keep everyone amused and busy!

Tantruminateacup Fri 03-Aug-18 19:52:00

I would definitely recommend Telus science world my 3 are very different ages and they all loved it. Save lots of time for the eurika part at the end. Interactive science fun. Have you been to Canada place?, some fun stuff including a simulator that lets you 'fly over Canada. Capilano will be crazy busy so unless it's something you really want to do I'd give it a miss. Lots of nice parks in North Van. And Stevson is nice for a walk around. If you want to do some shopping . Head to metro town or I prefrer tswassan mills out by the ferry, there is water park out there to.

HermioneWeasley Fri 03-Aug-18 19:25:01


We went last year and had a great time. Jet lag was a bit tough first couple of days, but no stress. It was warm when we were there but had a hotel with a pool that the kids loved.

City is easy to walk around

angelican Fri 03-Aug-18 18:58:47

Why was it a massive stress?? We are going next year with dcs of same age so looking for tips!

HermioneWeasley Fri 03-Aug-18 18:54:17

The aquarium is excellent, but costs to get in

Eat breakfast at Cora’s (there’s one on Robson st)

If you’ve got 2 days to fill, you could get a ferry to Vancouver island, but would need an overnight stay

purplepandas Fri 03-Aug-18 17:22:58

Thanks mummymeister, will google that one. Much appreciated.

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mummymeister Fri 03-Aug-18 13:57:50

Theres a museum there - cant for the life of me remember the name but its a hands on science type one on/near the river with chickens and animals outside as well. we spent all day there. also take the train out of town to the night time Chinese market - little samples of food really cheap.

purplepandas Fri 03-Aug-18 08:28:08


Does anyone have any good ideas for filling two separate days in and around Vancouver for kids aged 6 and 8? We did central Vancouver today (incl Stanley Park) and it was a massive stress. We did also do a hop on hop off tour and covered Granville Island and Theatre Under The Stars too.

Got whale watching planned too. Considering the science centre. Grouse mountain and Capilano are expensive and we have done similar on the trip so likely to avoid.

We do have a car but not staying centrally.

Thanks for any help. Found the city overwhelming today which was odd as lived it pre kids. Maybe just fatigue.

We like outdoors ideally and have v much enjoyed wildlife watching in other places in Alberta and BC.


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