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Travelling to Sri Lanka

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SJane45S Sun 05-Aug-18 17:55:52

We haven't gone yet (flying out in April) & our DD will be 10 so can't give you any 'lived it' advice but we've booked our transfers (Colombo, Kandy, Tangalle, Kandy) through Sri Lanka Taxi who had solely positive reviews on Tripadvisor . They've given us a good price, sent pictures of the vehicle & been really quick to answer queries. My contact there is Francis - +94 77 083 3772 if you want to WhatsApp him for a quote. As for Dengue, according to Health Advice, the 2 key periods are between October to December and May to July. We went to Costa Rica 2 years ago at the height of the Zika scare & I feel more chilled out this time about going into a possible danger area. My Dad was really ill with malaria when I was a kid & we went to Costa Rica with an arsenal of mosquito repellents (the DD didn't get a single bite!). It's something not to dismiss though & go prepared! You can use deet (up to 30%) on babies & children & take plug ins etc.

ohhelpohnoitsa Sat 04-Aug-18 00:35:42

Definitely take your own car seat. Be prepared for vehicles that are not what you are used to in terms of comfort. Pre book a driver if you can with a safe and modern vehicle. Sri Lanka is delightful and the people are just gorgeous. I loved it but personally would not go back due to the driving / roads - hence why I suggest taking your own car seat for peace of mind. (It is at least 15 yrs since we went - roads could be better now plus I am NOT a good passenger)

Lasvegas Fri 03-Aug-18 22:44:18

I went in April. Alone no kids. Had a driver the whole time it was about £33 a day plus his food and accommodation - not same hotel as you stay at.

It’s not a place a would have taken a small child to. Although I loved it. I left my teen at home.

Rtmhwales Fri 03-Aug-18 01:28:16

I’m looking at doing this in November, but as a single mom I’m with a 5 month old so while I have no tips, I’ll be watching this thread! Hopefully we aren’t both crazy!

Bumblealong1 Fri 03-Aug-18 01:27:25

Hi. Not to be alarmist but how is the dengue fever situation there?
We cancelled our holiday 6 months ago because of it and after a friend contracted it whilst there on Christmas break

Courtney9 Fri 03-Aug-18 01:22:21

Have any other mummy's travelled to Sri Lanka with a 9month old (or there a-bouts)?

Any tips would be great..

We are looking for a driver to stay with us for the trip and take us drive us from a to b, recommendations would be fab. I'm wondering if they are able to provide a car seat or if we'd need to take ours with us.

If anybody could share their itinerary :-) do's don'ts etc. X

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