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Babyroobs Thu 02-Aug-18 21:35:45

Has anyone holidayed in Capetown with teenagers. What is the best time of year to go ( fitting in with school holidays). I don't like it too hot ! Recommendations for things to do please. thanks in advance.

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AttilaTheMeerkat Fri 03-Aug-18 07:17:26

I would read the FO's advice on South Africa before booking anything:-

Capetown and the entire Western Cape region are still under severe drought conditions. The populace has had months of water shortages and water restrictions are still in place. If you do travel there you will need to be mindful of water consumption and abide by local restrictions on such usage.

Immigration rules require parents travelling with children (under 18) to show the child’s full unabridged birth certificate (or a certified copy). The full unabridged birth certificate should list the child’s details and both parents’ details. The abridged (short) birth certificate which only lists the child’s particulars won’t be accepted.

BubblesBuddy Fri 03-Aug-18 10:51:58

My teens both spent a term in a South African school and we have holidayed there too.

Yes, there are water shortages but you can plan for future travel. Hopefully there will be rain. It is also a big shame for SA economy if no-one goes!

I would suggest Easter Holidays is the best time to go. It is hotter at Christmas, and a lot more expensive, and fairly cool in the summer holidays, but a lot cheaper! However, the end of our summer holidays is good because there might be whales in the area. At Hermanus you can see them at very close quarters from the coastal path. It's a real treat. There are boat trips out to Shark Alley too. This is not exactly Cape Town, but it is not that far. Teens would love that. You might find the tour operators have whale sighting logs so you can check out what they see and when. We saw lots of whales in early September.

Around Cape Town you have Robben Island, Table Mountain, the Waterfront (but you could be anywhere!), Chapmans Peak, Boulders Beach for penguins, Constantia Vinyard for Cape Dutch architecture, Cape Aguilas and lots of beach side areas such as Camps Bay, Hout Bay, Llandudno etc . Most of the suggestions above are enjoyable for teens, as long a they do not want theme parks!

You have a vibrant restaurant scene in Cape Town and many of the guest houses there are outstanding. The staff are unfailiningly helpful and you will get a lot of help and advice from guest house owners and managers about where to go, what to do and what not to do! They may well have local recommendations for you. I think the guest houses are far better than faceless hotels. They tend to be in fairly exclusive areas so you are safe too. As always with SA, you need to make your teens aware of safety but you do not have to worry too much.

It is a great place and I would recommend a visit to Stellenbosch too and Franschoek.

penguinsnpandas Fri 03-Aug-18 15:42:55

Holidayed there pre kids and now have 2 almost teenagers, amazing place though had to be very careful with safety - initially did organised tours only but its largely don't flash your cash. We hired a car after that once we understood the safety rules more from locals - keep handbags out of sight and try not to take valuables out etc.

We stayed in the Vineyard Hotel which was amazing, views of Table Mountain, amazing food, tropical gardens, pool but when I looked again for going with children it was seriously expensive. We did Table Mountain, penguins at Boulders Beach, and a safari to Aquila, to see big 5 amongst other things. The safari was very good but not as good as over the other side of SA, advantage is no malaria tablets needed. I probably wouldn't go at the moment due to water shortages but depends how much this bothers you. It is an amazing place and would definitely recommend at some point.

RainbowCookie Fri 03-Aug-18 15:54:45

It’s been raining up a storm in Cape Town the past couple of months and the dams are filling up, no day 0 (where they literally turn off the taps) for a couple of years at least.

I’m just back from a quick work trip and the water was fine, I was obviously very mindful, super quick showers, didn’t flush if I didn’t have to etc but nothing that would have spoilt a holiday.

BubblesBuddy Fri 03-Aug-18 16:56:46

So pleased to hear that Rainbow! When pp say don’t go, I do worry about jobs in the travel and tourist industry.

Springb0ks Fri 03-Aug-18 23:15:53

My DH is South African and he recommends Easter holiday time. On trips over there we tend to spend a few days in Cape Town but then head out. I'd recommend Franschoek, Oudtshoorn, Hermanus (Easter is not whaling season so wouldn't be whales to see then), Knysna. It's all so beautiful! I without a doubt recommend hiring a car, driving is so easy.

Katisha Sat 04-Aug-18 22:49:13

Just back from Cape Town,and safari in the waterberg mountains. Brilliant time. Two teenagers with us. Although it's winter there we had nothing but brilliant sunshine for 2 weeks and while in Cape Town could see for miles! The day we had a drive round Cape Point was excellent - I booked a guide from TripAdvisor reviews . Great place for a holiday, the water situation has improved through some rainfall. And we just took note of the advice about security. We went with Travel Butlers who are great - give them a budget and they come up with itineraries.

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