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Caribbean with teens

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WhyOhWine Tue 31-Jul-18 10:08:32

Any hotel recommendations in the Caribbean for teens?

Main requirements:
1. we would like an island that you can fly direct to, e.g. Barbados, Antiguia, St Lucia or Jamaica. Preference is probably Barbados as none of us have been before (DH and I have been to some of the others pre-DC)
2. DOnt feel strongly about AI - happy either way, although we will get out and explore a bit.
3. Teens (13 and 14) would like somewhere where there will be other teens around. I dont think we need somewhere with a teen club as such, but I guess the existence of a teen club might indicate that there are likely to be other teens?
4. Lovely beach
5. Budget wise we are probably not at the Sandy lane level, but happy to pay a fair whack for the right place.

That's about it really. We are looking to go at a popular time (over new Year) and the couple of recommendations I have already had are booked up (although I have found there is still some availability at other places).


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ineedwine99 Tue 31-Jul-18 10:11:34

I stayed at Coconut Bay resort St Lucia which was lovely, not a great beach though.
Heard good things about St James Club Morgan Bay.
St Lucia was great for getting out, boat trips, zip lining, rainforest canopy cable car, the volcano mud baths

AnnabelleLecter Tue 31-Jul-18 11:58:27

Out of those islands
Beaches Ocho Rios Jamaica- we loved the spa and waterslides, was big budget for a special occasion. Food was amazing, was a proper luxury holiday, everything perfect.
Jolly beach Antigua much cheaper but stunning location.
What about a caribbean cruise? we've been on a few, all been fab.

BubblesBuddy Tue 31-Jul-18 19:34:47

Carlisle Bay, Antigua. We actually enjoyed chartering a yacht but this won’t get you other teens. Any 5 star resort will have teens in the holidays if it’s family friendly. For touring around, I think Antigua and Barbados best. I like the BVIs even more! Touring around from Island to Island is just heaven!

flickflop Tue 31-Jul-18 20:11:39

Second Carlisle Bay
Or Sugar Beach St Lucia
Mount Cinnamon on Grenada is more low key but the draw for my teens was the excellent SCUBA.

I've heard Glitter Bay on Barbados is good, but haven't been.

WhyOhWine Wed 01-Aug-18 11:43:53

Thanks, Carlise Bay is one of the ones I looked at and it is booked up.
DH and I have been to Sugar Beach many years ago (when it was Jalousie Hilton) and loved it, so will take a look at it as it seems to have availability, although I agree St Lucia is less good for travelling around. I will also take another look at Beaches in Jamaica. I did have an initial look but it seemed huge so my impression was that it may not have the Caribbean chill vibe, but I guess it is a question of balancing that against having acitivties for the teens.

We visitied the beach at Jolly Beach when previously in Antigua, beach was lovely but did not like the vibe of the hotel (this was 15 years ago admittedly).

I have not looked at Grenada yet, so will take a look. Will also look at the BVIs. We wanted to limit travel time but lots of the hotels that appeal are booked up so we probably need to widen the net a bit.

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BubblesBuddy Wed 01-Aug-18 15:15:17

I have just had a look on the BA web site and there is some availability for Barbados but in the south of the island mostly. The really nice places on the west coast are very expensive, as you would expect. Not much available.

I think I might consider new year 2020!

WhyOhWine Wed 01-Aug-18 15:53:11

yes, the south coast seems to have a seaweed problem at the moment, so if we went tobarbados we would want west coast. I have not been away over the christmas period before, clearly it needs to be booked a long time in advance!

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makemineasingle Wed 01-Aug-18 20:03:31

Would you consider going East to Mauritius?
We've been to some super hotels with loads for teens included? As much water skiing, sailing, tennis as they want. There were lots of teens and they all hung out together.
The Paradis, Le Tousserok or Maritim might be worth a look. Lovely for parents too.

somewhereovertherain Wed 01-Aug-18 22:59:44

We Airbnb in holetown our teen DDs loved it. Plenty to do.

Teakind Thu 02-Aug-18 23:43:40

Can you fly direct to the Bahamas? Atlantis is pretty incredible and plenty to do for teenagers.

BubblesBuddy Fri 03-Aug-18 17:02:18

Sometimes you can get better prices in holiday areas where Christmas and New Year are not quite so celebrated. You could look at a safari and beach in Kenya for example. Anywhere in the Indian Ocean might be an alternative.

KittyMcKitty Mon 06-Aug-18 14:05:12

My children are currently 13 & 15 we are off to Crystal Cove in Barbados this summer.

We’ve also in the last 3 years been to The Veranda in Antigua and St James’ in St Lucia. All AI but we’ve hired cars in both.

AI with teens is fab - buffet breakfast (how they love this), endless drinks, water sports etc.

All tge Caribbean islands have been hugely successful holidays and would very much recommend where we’ve been. St Lucia is a prettier island then Antigua but I would say Antigua has tge better beaches- Half Moon Bay is stunning and always virtually empty (tge cafe did great food when we were there 2 years ago). Driving in Antigua less stressful then St Lucia.

dingit Wed 08-Aug-18 15:23:25

Jamaica, Jewel runaway bay.

Scabetty Sat 18-Aug-18 22:05:42

St James Club Morgan Bay is amazing but if you like getting out and about Barbados is better. We stayed in the South but it was so easy to drive around and AI isn’t necessary.

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