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Maldives - any recommendations?

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SilverLining Wed 25-Jul-18 16:08:39

Anyone recommend any particular resorts? Big anniversary next year and I've been given the green light to book but they all look amazing!!!

I'd really welcome any experience - good or bad!!

Thank you!!

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Blostma Wed 25-Jul-18 16:14:33

It is a few years ago now, but we have stayed both at the Kanahura and at Lux. Very different from each other but loved them both.

At Kanahura DC were tiny and didn’t need anything other than a paddle and a bucket and spade. They were bigger at Lux, and liked the different restaurants and bigger island.

What I liked about both was that they were skinny islands and so only one row of bungalows on the beach, or over water villas. BIL stayed at one last year where there were multiple villas in front of them - so no beach view. That would be a deal breaker for me now.

ConkerTriumphant Wed 25-Jul-18 16:16:49

Tiny island, about a mile long. Absolutely stunning. The water villas are worth the extra money: you can swim/snorkel off your private decking.
Great food. Incredible wildlife. Have a look on line!

JW13 Wed 25-Jul-18 16:25:47

Ive just come back from Oblu Select at Sangeli and it was really good. It only opened at the beginning of July but the staff were wonderful and the rooms are gorgeous (we stayed in an over water villa). There were a few teething problems (nothing major) but I'm sure they'll be ironed out very soon.

It kind of depends on your budget as well.

Oblu is part of a group and the level up is called Ozen. I'd like to try there too.

Also I'd strongly recommend going all inclusive if you can as friends have been B&B in the Maldives and ended up spending a fortune on food and drinks. I don't always go for all inclusive but when there are no other options/supermarkets on an island they can charge what they like for things!

littleone7 Wed 25-Jul-18 16:28:34

Kandolhu is amazing. Small island perfect for a special holiday. I'd recommend AI, it's definitely worth it as it also includes a wine fridge in your room!

SilverLining Wed 25-Jul-18 17:36:41

Oh this is brilliant - thanks so much!! Great tips - hadn't thought about the single row - a definite deal breaker!

I really liked the idea of a water villa but my DH thought we might be isolated away from the action (bar!) so he was keen to be beach villa type thing but upgrade so we have own bit of beach.

Definitely want to do All inclusive - can't imagine how expensive it would be otherwise!

Great advice - thanks again - I'm off to google!!!

Thank you!!

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lyinginthesundrinkingbubbles Wed 25-Jul-18 18:25:13

Second vote for Kuramathi.
Amazing. Can't speak highly enough of it.
If you go opt for all inclusive if you can/ probably cheaper in long run,

Pastaallday Wed 25-Jul-18 18:28:28

It depends what you want really but we have stated in Reethi beach which is mid range but very nice bare foot, small resort. Also single view villa on beach front but the water villas were no further away from a bar- they were dotted around the island.

inneedofchocolate Wed 25-Jul-18 18:32:04

Kuredu- large island with lots to do if you want. We stayed in a Jacuzzi beach villa and it was magical.

flatwhiteplease Wed 25-Jul-18 18:33:15

I've been to a couple but probably wouldn't repeat them, except for Baros.
Worth flying with BA direct if you're within easy reach of LHR, changing planes in ME is a pain.
I think they fly direct October to March.
If you're going for a week a boat transfer is much quicker, the seaplane is fun but can add an extra half day to your journey either end.

SilverLining Wed 25-Jul-18 18:37:53

Great tips - keep them coming!!! We're going in May and for a week as we're leaving the children...confused so time is of the essence and it's just to know about the boat being quicker than the seaplane - thank you!

I'm loving all this googling - can't wait!! They ALL look beautiful!!!!!

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Claricestarling1 Wed 25-Jul-18 18:38:10

We have stayed at Constance Moofushi twice and can absolutely’s paradise!! It’s all inclusive, the food is out of this world and the cocktails and wine selection are amazing. I would recommend a senior water villa if you can..ahh jealous!! 😉

maitaimojito Wed 25-Jul-18 18:42:30

Constance Moofushi is amazing. All inclusive including mini bar and branded drinks. The staff can’t do enough for you.

There’s a buffet restaurant with a different theme every night (Italian, Indian/Sri Lankan, Maldivian, BBQ etc.). It’s not got usual buffet - the food really is 5 star and the sommeliers are brilliant. You get one evening at the a la Carte included per week but honestly we wouldn’t have minded just staying in the buffet restaurant.

Snorkelling is great and the dive centre very professional if you want to go diving.

They have their own lounge at the seaplane terminal where they check you in so that when you arrive you are taken straight to your villa. It’s around a 25 minute flight - I was a bit nervous of the size of them but I loved it!

Bluejay19 Wed 25-Jul-18 18:45:19

We went to Reethi Beach Resort for our honeymoon- it was amazing. The resort is the whole island which is lovely.
It's all inclusive the food is amazing has a good amount of activities to choose from - we had a water villa which was amazing. Would 100% go back.
Also worth noting that when we visited there we little to no mosquitoes- a big plus for me as I attract them like there's no tomorrow.

ZombieHunter Thu 26-Jul-18 00:52:03

We stayed at Oblu Helengeli and absolutely loved it. All Inclusive with delicious food and drinks, choices of beach or overwater bungalows and amazing staff that make you feel like royalty. There is also an adult pool area which might suit you since you are going child free.

We chose it because of their reef. It's been voted 2nd best house reef in the world (best in Raja Ampat) and boy we weren't disappointed. Imagine the Atlantis aquarium - well, that in open water. Sharks, rays, giant triggerfish, turtles, huge shoals of smaller fish and much more. So, if snorkeling and Scuba is your thing, go for that one.

SuzieCartwright Sat 01-Sep-18 18:04:33

Not sure if you've already booked but we are just about to head back to Constance Moofushi for the second time this year ..... it's amazing ! 3 more sleeps !!!

EdinaMonsoon Sun 02-Sep-18 03:10:32

Baros is small, beautiful & only a 25 minute boat transfer. We had a villa on the beach & it was amazing & basically gave us our own private beach space. It was the epitome of barefoot Maldives.

ihatethecold Sun 02-Sep-18 12:57:59

Great thread.
Can I ask, is there a high/low season?
Is the weather better at certain times of the year?
Any months to avoid?

Dilemmacentral Sun 02-Sep-18 12:59:24

Huvafen fushi

Was absolute perfection

Dilemmacentral Sun 02-Sep-18 12:59:47

Best time to visit is December to April

Hersetta427 Tue 04-Sep-18 12:10:53

We love lily beach but are taking the kids to vilamendhoo in May (it has an adult only area which may suit you. It has a superb house reef for snorkelling

TryingToJuggle Sun 09-Sep-18 08:53:53

Ive booked for Komandoo in Jan for our big anniversary and birthday. It's adult only and a small island with own reef. X

Bluntness100 Sun 09-Sep-18 09:00:24

What's your budget. In the Maldives budget is king.

I've been five times and I would say kuramathi is the least Maldivian of all islands, it's one of the biggest. Lux has no house reef. Constance moofooshi is also a large island.

One of the best is diamonds athuruga. It has one of the best house reefs there is.

But again, you need to say your budget, as well as what you're actually going for. Do you want a small island, great house reef, or a larger one, with a poorer reef but lots of restaraunts bars etc?

Pop over to trip advisor. The Maldives forum. Plenty of expert folks on there, many whom have been up to twenty times, and even one who wrote a rather famous book on the place.

Unicornandbows Tue 18-Sep-18 19:23:24

Could I also ask how much you should roughly budget for 10-14 days? Thinking as a couple holiday

Hersetta427 Tue 18-Sep-18 19:34:29

That is almost impossible to answer. You could spend 4-5k or £20k. Depends how much you want to spend. It's not a cheap destination though but you should get a few decent choices for 2 weeks all inclusive for 5k

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