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Please help, this is so urgent!

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CordeliaGoode Tue 10-Jul-18 00:26:06

Hey guys, I’m flying to Mexico on Wednesday and I’ve been taking norethisterone to delay my period whilst away. However I can’t tell from googling if it’s okay to take the over the counter drug into Mexico, or is it banned? Please help I feel sick with worry sad

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AMAWriter Tue 10-Jul-18 00:27:33

Can't you put it, along with a copy of your prescription, inside your suitcase?

CordeliaGoode Tue 10-Jul-18 00:28:57

I need to carry it in my hand luggage as you need to take it three times a day and the flight is over 10 hours. I’ve got the boxes they came in and the bag from the pharmacy.

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Catsandkids78 Tue 10-Jul-18 00:28:58

It will be fine . If there isn’t anything online it’s more than likely fine . Also you can buy most things OTC in Mexico or acquire easily .

Catsandkids78 Tue 10-Jul-18 00:29:19

If you feel sick with worry about this it sounds like you have some anxiety issues ?

LuxuryTime Tue 10-Jul-18 00:33:30

Cut the blister strip down to only the number you need, put them in your purse along with your prescription sticker and jobs a good un smile

CordeliaGoode Tue 10-Jul-18 00:46:59

Thanks everyone, I’ll take them in their original packaging and bring some protection just in case they’re taken away smile

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YesItsMeIDontCare Tue 10-Jul-18 00:50:21

There's a list of controlled drugs on the website that should help you.

DunesOfSand Tue 10-Jul-18 00:51:06

If you can't find information, it usually means its ok. Countries list items not allowed.
It's progesterone based, isn't it? Hardly they latest recreational drug or addictive. Take the amount you need, in its original packet.

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