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Anyone been to Guadelope?

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EarlyBird123 Mon 09-Jul-18 08:31:14

Hi! Has anyone been? Is it expensive? Any tips?

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sashh Mon 09-Jul-18 08:39:13

My sole reference is 'Death in Paradise' it looks awesome but...

Are you white?

It seems they have a huge murder rate and for the first two series only white people were murdered.

Now it is only 90% of the murders but still the odds are not good.

But as I said it does look awesome.

KingIrving Thu 12-Jul-18 17:25:41

have you already booked and paid?

MistressDeeCee Thu 12-Jul-18 17:50:38

Death In Paradise is ridiculously contrived and unrealistic. Guadeloupe is similar to Martinique which is also French Caribbean, and where my mum is from. Its not a place renowned for trouble, there are loads of white tourists there (mostly French but there are British too) you'll be fine there OP. You can get pickpockets around but just take sensible precautions.

They use Euros and it can be quite expensive ie if you're eating out, or visit the supermarket a lot . I eat local food as I love Creole cooking.

Guadeloupe is beautiful you can have the type of holiday you prefer eg quiet, or nightlife, or beach, or visit lots of historical landmarks and museums. If you've time and can set off very early one day it's easy to hop on the local ferry that does the Guadeloupe - Martinique - Dominica - St Lucia route, and spend the day or overnight on another island. Just check timings before you go. Dominica is nearest. Dominica is beautiful and unspoilt, nickname "Nature isle of the Caribbean". Not so many tourists there tho, there are more in Martinique and St Lucia

Have fun🙂

Japanese Thu 12-Jul-18 17:54:56

Ooo, am going to watch this thread. We love Death in Paradise & my DCs would love to go! grin

I looked into it a bit and apart from the cost, Zika seems to be an issue.

Watching though for any tips/Zika reassurance! It was last summer when I was looking so things have probably changed now.

penguinsnpandas Mon 16-Jul-18 12:55:28

Been to Martinique but not Guadeloupe. Husband is French so flew out of Paris and France subsidises flights to the French Caribbean so its cheaper or at least they used to. Martinique was quite French compared to St Lucia which seemed very Americanised.

EarlyBird123 Wed 18-Jul-18 21:28:41

@japanese the reason why we want to go to Guadeloupe is that is one of handful places in the Caribbean that is in category 3 for zika according to WHO so should be safe from that perspective

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EarlyBird123 Wed 18-Jul-18 21:31:01

@mistressDeeCee thank you for all the information. Wish i could see as much as possible. Unfortunately, DP can never be off for more than 10 days sad

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EarlyBird123 Wed 18-Jul-18 21:32:26

@kingirving not booked yet, DP in the forces so cannot plan too much ahead as they keep changing when he can take time off

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WendyCope Wed 18-Jul-18 21:37:32

It's fabulous! French.
I prefer Martinique, only by a tad though.

Euros, taxis are London expensive, otherwise great!

MistressDeeCee Thu 19-Jul-18 22:16:29

Early bird you're welcome, and you'll still enjoy it anyway🙂

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