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Sanya China

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PineapplePatty Sun 08-Jul-18 15:46:56

Has anyone been here and wouldn't mind answering a couple of questions please?


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ZombieHunter Tue 10-Jul-18 09:10:43

I have! Albeit on a school trip, but might be able to help, depending on what you need to know.

ShotsFired Tue 10-Jul-18 11:44:50

No but I coincidentally just saw that China Southern have opened direct flights there with some good deals which may be worth looking at

(Unless that's why you're asking?!)

ShotsFired Tue 10-Jul-18 12:10:24

PineapplePatty Tue 10-Jul-18 13:16:05

That's why I was asking! Very reasonable flights, but I didn't realise it was a malaria area, meaning my DC can't go there.

Thanks anyway. Looks lovely in the photos!

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Twickerhun Tue 10-Jul-18 13:18:24

Can I ask why your dc can’t go to a malarial area?

PineapplePatty Tue 10-Jul-18 17:12:04

One of them has to have daily meds that aren't compatible with the anti malaria ones, the consultant said they can look at changing them but not just yet. He has epilepsy and as it's a new diagnosis everyone is being extra careful I think.

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ZombieHunter Wed 11-Jul-18 01:51:59

Shame about the malaria tablets for your DC. I didn't think it was that bad there? We've been to more prone countries and never bothered and none of us got ill, but I assume your DC has other health conditions which would make it more difficult / risky.

For what it's worth - I don't think you are missing out on much. The pictures make it look amazing, but the reality is that it's full with people, tourist sites are notoriously busy and pimped up to please Chinese visitors. We went to the rainforest, expecting a lovely calm experience. Well, let's put it this way it was more like a rainforest meets Disney experience. Loud, hectic, spoiled by buildings, souvenir shops, music blaring over speakers and only a few trees to see... Beaches full, but good for surfing but that's not everyone's cup of tea.

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