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Japan with 11 month old

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Tryingno1 Tue 26-Jun-18 21:32:42

Any advice about the practicalities like food nappies travel etc?
Thinking of going for 3 weeks aged 11 months and slightly worried about flight and jet lag and milk/food...

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BubblesBuddy Wed 27-Jun-18 21:32:38

Why would you go all that way with a baby if you don’t have to? Not sure your baby will enjoy it. Japan is all about travelling round so what were you intending to do? I’d go somewhere a bit easier with a baby. Shorter flight?

ScarletBegonia1234 Wed 27-Jun-18 21:34:34

We didn't do Japan but backpacked around Korea for 3 weeks with our then 18 month old and LOVED IT!

ScarletBegonia1234 Wed 27-Jun-18 21:39:42

Squeezed individual nappies in nooks and crannies of rucksack which lasted the whole trip! Took a sling and a maclaren mk2 buggy which are unbelievably light so just skiing over your shoulder. Flight was fine...try and reserve a bulkhead seat with a bassinet it makes all the difference.

Also we took a peapod travel cot which iis like a mini pop up tent though think it's only for 12months +

Let me know if there's anything you want to know specifically... We loved it and are off in September backpacking again, this time to Costa Rica with a 3.5yo and 14 month old so it can be done!

Tryingno1 Fri 29-Jun-18 18:06:07

I’ve been to Japan and utterly loved it and want to go again that’s why! But I went many years ago and didn’t have baby head on.

Thanks scarlet! Sounds amazing - enjoy Costa Rica it’s great!

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Tryingno1 Fri 29-Jun-18 18:07:55

Oh. Also we intended on staying in Tokoyo and Osaka and doing day trips mainly. So 2 weeks in each. I’ve seen the main sights so just wanted to hang out/soak in the atmosphere/live there for a month/eat great food and thought baby would love the crazy lights etc. Apartments aren’t that easy to come by that are large enough though...

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lucydogz Fri 29-Jun-18 19:13:02

Like bubbles I can't think why you would even think of it. I loved Japan, but why not wait until your child can enjoy it?

BubblesBuddy Sun 01-Jul-18 17:34:42

You think your baby would love the lights? Is this for real? You baby would also love sand, sea and a regular routine and food! Leave it for a few years.

Shutupsidney Sun 08-Jul-18 18:13:22

People do have babies in Japan you know.

therockinggazelle Sun 08-Jul-18 18:16:34

I've done Japan and absolutely loved it. However you couldn't pay me to bring a baby all that way. I found it overwhelming, I can't imagine having to deal with a baby too.

Purplepjs Sun 08-Jul-18 18:21:14

We took our 7 month old to japan and absolutely loved it. Yes the flight is long and he got day/night a bit confused for a while! But it was great fun. We have always loved travelling with our son who’s now 5 and have been to a fair few places. He is a very happy traveller. Go and enjoy!!!

Tryingno1 Tue 17-Jul-18 19:17:05

Thanks guys!
Yeah our little one loves our travels so far! Hopefully japan is another to add onto the list!

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Thesunrising Tue 17-Jul-18 19:24:40

Nappies and wipes are easy to find in Japan - baby food, not so much. If you use prepared baby food, you’ll find what’s available very different and unless you can read Japanese, you won’t be able to work out what the ingredients are. So take your own if your baby has favourites that you know they will eat.

Scotinoz Thu 19-Jul-18 13:41:07

We took our 13mth and 2.5 year old to Japan, and we all had a great time.

Not massively 'stroller friendly', so an Ergo carrier or similar is good. That said, we took a stroller and it was fine.

Public toilets were all very child friendly with changing tables and seats with harnesses to park little ones in while you had a wee.

Nappies, wipes etc were in pharmacies rather than supermarkets. Pharmacies were very common, so you didn't have to look. Not sure about baby food though. We took some pouches for emergencies, but our kids ate a lot of noodles etc. There were loads of Spar type stores which sold great snacks - boiled eggs, yoghurts etc. We did stop in a few Starbucks since they were reliable for sandwiches etc.

There were lots of playgrounds tucked away so it was nice to find a spot for a swing or slide.

We found a super play centre in a mall in Osaka which was full of babies and toddlers. But at 11 months, babies are happy with whatever! Crawling or toddling at temples etc sounds ideal.

We found Japan to be very child friendly. Everywhere was accommodating, lots of restaurants had kids menus/high chairs/cutlery/etc. Everyone was very friendly and very interested in our kids.

We flew with Emirates, and have done many times, with only good experiences.

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