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Where would you go from these destinations

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User14789011 Sun 24-Jun-18 08:26:36

I’m looking at where to go for a family holiday, 2 adults with a 6 yo in August. We have 1-2 weeks and have to fly Virgin Atlantic so limited to China, USA, Caribbean or South Africa. We have to go August so not ideal weather for most of those destinations.
Ideally we’d fly out of Manchester so options further limited to Atlanta, Barbados, Orlando or Las Vegas. Vegas doesn’t appeal much (but I’ve never been so maybe I am wrong?) and don’t fancy Orlando in August.
My first choice would be Hong Kong, but we’d have to go to Heathrow.
Other options: -
1. Sun city in South Africa but would it be warm enough in their mid winter? And how safe is travel from j’burg airport to sun city? Also we’d do a safari if we were there so this would end up costing a fortune.
2. fly to Atlanta and drive down to one of the little Islands off Georgia or Louisiana coast. This would be the cheapest easiest option but I’m not sure about the weather and just not getting excited about going to USA.
3. Barbados. It’s outside the hurricane belt. Only been pre-children so not sure how kid friendly it is.
Or should we just suck up the hassle of Heathrow and go to Hong Kong?
I need to stop dithering and book something ASAP or we will end up going nowhere! Any suggestions and advice welcome!

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AsAProfessionalFekko Sun 24-Jun-18 08:29:21

What do you like to do on holiday?

User14789011 Sun 24-Jun-18 08:39:05

If we went to HK we’d probably have a day at Ocean Park, go to a beach, star ferry, the peak, and the rest of the time spend at the pool and eating!
We are very easy going on holiday, including 6 year old so could happily spend a couple of weeks on a beach if there were water sports.

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cowgirlblues Sun 24-Jun-18 08:39:42

Go to Barbados ! It's fantastic for kids .. snorkelling, beaches, just hanging out together. I first went there age 7 and my dd has been there 4 times and is 10 and loves it.

DunesOfSand Sun 24-Jun-18 08:41:47

Do you have to go virgin, or can you go with some of their code share partners??
I think you can do HK from Edinburgh, if that is less evil than Heathrow? But it is a pretty hot, humid and rainy place in August.

Can you do Cape Town and a Safari that side of the country - a short time in Jo'burg, then internal flight across? I got "stuck" in Jo'burg in July many years ago. It was lovely in the sun (in my work suit....) but got pretty chilly in the evening.

User14789011 Sun 24-Jun-18 08:42:02

Thanks cowgirl. Have you been in August? Would there be a lot of rain? Don't mind rainshowers (in fact I like them) bit but do t want to be stuck inside for days of heavy rain/ water sports and activities cancelled etc.

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Nquartz Sun 24-Jun-18 08:44:13

Last 2 weeks in August in Florida is actually ok, it's hot but manageable & not much rain. The last week of August the Disney parks are quieter because most American schools have gone back

Pascha Sun 24-Jun-18 08:44:20

You sound like you've already mentally made it to Hong Kong so I would suck up the extra hassle of Heathrow and book the holiday you want and not the compromise you don'

mysteryfairy Sun 24-Jun-18 10:32:35

If you are open to Heathrow would that open up more USA destinations? I liked Hong Kong ok but not for a family holiday with a six year old. Really humid, busy and not a relaxed hotel, pool place from what I've seen (admittedly only been for work so maybe to the wrong places.) Out of your current choices I think I'd go to Atlanta, largely on basis that one of the places that has surprised me in life by how much I loved it was Charleston, SC and I'd hope for Atlanta to be same or within reach of same.

If you can expand your options to include Heathrow - California or Heathrow - Boston for New England trip I'd do one of those.

karyatide Sun 24-Jun-18 10:35:01

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

Frazzled2207 Sun 24-Jun-18 10:36:32

If you can go to Heathrow I would fancy Boston and a drive around New England including beaches. Or Vancouver and a drive around the rockies.

JennyHolzersGhost Sun 24-Jun-18 10:36:40

Hong Kong has lots of lovely beaches (with shower facilities, cafes and lifeguards!) and you could always stay on one of the quieter islands for a more laid back holiday vibe which might suit kids better. I like Lamma a lot.

Frazzled2207 Sun 24-Jun-18 10:37:51

I love HK but not in August, winter is best to appreciate it.

Frazzled2207 Sun 24-Jun-18 10:38:51

If you fancy a beach holiday I'm pretty sure you could find a kid-friendly hotel in Barbados.

AutoFilled Sun 24-Jun-18 10:39:51

Hong Kong is great for a 6 year old but August is very hot. The kids love ocean park, Stanley beach and all the temples, especially the big Buddha.

User14789011 Sun 24-Jun-18 11:51:58

Thanks for all the replies! Edinburgh airport would be the same in terms of hassle. We could fly Delta but they don’t fly anywhere else that’s really interesting me. Vancouver would be lovely but we’d couldn’t fly direct.
Pascha yes, you’re right my heart is set on Hong Kong but I know August is probably the worst month to go and don’t want first family long haul holiday to be a disaster! Not too sad to skip Disneyland but 6yo would love the big Buddha in Lantau. I remember lots of steps/walking to see it so not sure we could do that with him in August.

I was going to book flights tomorrow and still not certain what to book. I’ve ruled out SA (as realised they don’t fly from Manchester) and Orlando so at least have narrowed down to HK, Atlanta or Barbados. Could anyone recommend any family friendly hotels with a nice outside pool in Hong Kong? Or nice hotels/beach resorts in Barbados or Georgia/Louisiana/north Florida?

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BluthsFrozenBananas Sun 24-Jun-18 11:59:42

Are you in a position to be able to afford internal flights? From any of the US destinations you could take an internal flight to anywhere in the US. If you want to go to California or any west coast destination go to Vegas (you could also drive from there to California, we did that last year) if you fancy New York or Washington or any east coast destination go to Atlanta.

afrikat Sun 24-Jun-18 12:08:50

There are some beautiful islands on the gulf coast of Florida just a few hours from Orlando. We have been to Anna Maria Island a few times and it's wonderful. We hire a house and the kids love it

User14789011 Sun 24-Jun-18 12:17:30

I’d rather not take any additional flights, have ruled out anywhere that needs a connection. I know that limits us a bit.

The Gulf Coast looks beautiful but I’m a bit wary of Florida in August. That probably goes for Louisiana and Georgia too so at least have narrowed down to HK and Barbados. Anna Maria does looks lovely, I’ve saved it for the future, thanks!

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Furrycushion Sun 24-Jun-18 12:21:07

We went to Florida in August, it was fine. Hot & humid but good air con. Even the parks have cooling sprays

citychick Sun 24-Jun-18 12:54:15

I live in Hong Kong and would definitely avoid in August unless you are determined to do it.
Very hot and humid. You could, if you wanted take a few days here and then fly to somewhere like Thailand for a relaxing time.
HK is frantic.

We're off to koh Samui this week and then back to UK for "summer".

Good luck what ever you decide to do.

BubblesBuddy Sun 24-Jun-18 21:09:43

Boston and then Cape Cod is brilliant in August and well worth doing via Heathrow. There will be loads of whales to see, Boston is child friendly and Cape Cod has wonderful beaches and seafood. Plimoth Plantation is a must see too.

HK is great but not in August. Joburg is a gateway to lots of wonderful areas in South Africa. Sun City is mega crap in my view but there’s so much else to see. My DCs loved safaris when they were 6! Cape Town might be wet and there is a water shortage.

Stopyourhavering64 Mon 25-Jun-18 04:33:45

Although not been to Barbados,Been to Antigua in August and it was day out of 14 had downpour which cleared the air..beaches were amazing and water so warm for swimming/ snorkelling .

Frazzled2207 Mon 25-Jun-18 09:41:28

He's dumped you, that's kind of good because now you have a fairly easy ticket to get away.
Do not get back with this horrible man!

Frazzled2207 Mon 25-Jun-18 09:41:44

Apols wrong thread sorry

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