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Australia - Pacific Highway where to stay?

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Callmejudith Fri 22-Jun-18 16:31:08

We are going to be driving up from Sydney to Byron Bay between Christmas and New Year.

I'm after ideas of places to stop over/see and ideas of somewhere special to stay for New Year

Also would you drive all the way to Brisbane to fly back to London or go via OOL\Sydney?


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MWilde Tue 26-Jun-18 09:49:12

sounds like you have a fun trip planned! I have lived in Sydney, and now the Gold Coast my whole life. I have also done the drive between the two about 10 times. There are many beautiful destinations you could stop at.

Is Sydney your starting point and Byron your end point? The drive takes the day with stops, about 10 hours of driving. If your stopping overnight at one, or a few spots, I would recommend Port Macquarie. It’s arounf 4/5 hours drive from Sydney and a beautiful beach town. There are some shops, some beaches and some lovely food places to enjoy.

Another lovely stop is Tenterfield, which is inland a bit but a beautiful Aussie town. If you take this route you also pass Armidale which is another lovely Aussie town.

Byron is a beautiful beach town, I’m sure you will find lots to see and do there. As far as New Year, I would probably stay on the Gold Coast if you were after some events and excitement for New Years. Or you could brave Sydney to see the beautiful fireworks over the harbour.

Byron Bay is a two hour drive from Brisbane airport. Sydney is a ten or so drive from Byron Bay, so Brisbane makes more sense if you are ending in Byron Bay. smile

Lovemyhubby Wed 27-Jun-18 13:21:39

Not much help of where to stay on the way as I went from Gold Coast to Byron. However, two places I throughly enjoyed near Byron that I want to suggest you see is:

1.The Crystal Castle

2. A town called Mullumbimby. My DH and I loved it. It’s the most relaxing place. The locals are so laid back.

I’m definitely going back for a second visit to both those places. To be honest, I wasn’t that impressed with Byron. I guess I was expecting the whole new age shops / alternative living/ hippie vibe ( I’m not a hippie btw lol) and i guess that was far too many years ago, as I found that it was too commercialised for me.

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