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How much of Japan & China?

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JaneR0chester Wed 20-Jun-18 08:53:31

I'm hoping to do a 2 week trip (DH thinks he can only take 2 weeks off work). With older teens who would be equally interested in these countries. NO Disney grin I'm thinking June/July time.

How much do you think I can squeeze in? I've never been to mainland China but could drop Shanghai off the list. We definitely want to see some of the Wall, and the terracotta army. I suppose if we go to Beijing, we'd have to brave the crowds and see the Forbidden Palace too. And I'd like to go to Tiannemen Square.

How much of Japan could I fit in? Tokyo and Kyoto only in that time scale?

Could I round my trip off in HK (stop to see friends without DH...)?

If it's not realistic, we'd have to choose one country over the other and hope to do that another time - which would you go to first?

It sounds like there's so much to see and so many places to go, yummy food to try, I can't wrap my head around squeezing it all into a fornight... I'd be grateful for your itinerary ideas.

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