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Vietnam in April...too hot?

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Portobellomushroom Sun 17-Jun-18 20:23:25

Can anyone advise the best time to go to Vietnam - either Easter or Summer holidays?

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Portobellomushroom Sun 17-Jun-18 20:23:53

because of the heat...want to avoid it being 'tooo' hot

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TheGonnagle Tue 19-Jun-18 14:38:19

Where in VN? The climate is quite varied.

Portobellomushroom Tue 19-Jun-18 16:44:36

Wanted to go from end to the other...but advice welcome? Where's cooler?

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akuabadoll Tue 19-Jun-18 20:29:02

In April the north and central are great for weather but the south will be hot.

Portobellomushroom Tue 19-Jun-18 20:56:25

Thank you. What sort of temperatures in North and central in April?

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akuabadoll Wed 20-Jun-18 16:57:49

I've been three times to north and central during April and have seen a range of between 20 and 30 degrees.

akuabadoll Wed 20-Jun-18 17:03:30

The climate is not consistent at any time of year in Vietnam due to the micro-climates along its length. It doesn't mean you couldn't include the south in April just be prepared for it to be over 30 degrees.

NotPennysBoat Wed 20-Jun-18 17:06:03

We are going next April. I did a lot of research about the best time to go! We are sticking to North & Central though (Hanoi & Hoi An mostly).

Portobellomushroom Wed 20-Jun-18 18:08:08

Oh, thanks all.

NotPennysBoat - can I ask how old your kids are (if you have any) and what sort of thing appealed to you about Hanoi and Hoi An? I've yet to do hardly any research. Still trying to decide if it's climate friendly - DS and DH burn like crazy!

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akuabadoll Wed 20-Jun-18 18:24:45

You could over night train between Hanoi and Hoi An - we did it last year with a 7 and 3 year old.

Portobellomushroom Wed 20-Jun-18 18:34:28

Thank you! I want to do a mix of cultural stuff, nature/walks and beaches...beautiful H and HA provide these? Sorry, i will get to my own research, just not done it yet!

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akuabadoll Wed 20-Jun-18 18:49:44

I went to north and central on three occasions in April mainly for climate first and the love of the place after the first time (living in another part of south East Asia that is super hot at that time of year). I put together some tips for friends that you are welcome to if you PM me.

Presh12345 Wed 27-Jun-18 14:26:11

We are going this summer. Hanoi to halong bay, back to Hanoi, then to hoi an, then to HCMC, off to siem reap and then bus to pattaya, returning from Bangkok!!

hollypocks Wed 27-Jun-18 17:40:36

We went this Easter from HCMC to Hoi An and then Hanoi. It was hot, usually high 20’s. Didn’t see any beautiful beaches, certainly not like other parts of SE Asia. Although it is a fascinating country we didn’t find the people very friendly and we were had to be careful we weren’t scammed - frequent problems with taxis (despite meters/agreeing price up front), restaurants adding on extras etc.

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