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Do I let in-laws take 2 year old dts to Florida for two/three weeks? (WWYD?)

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Kelly1978 Mon 21-May-07 12:38:49

Please help, I have a dilema.

The in laws (the boys great-aunt, uncle, and great-grandmother) want to take the boys to their timeshare in Florida for three weeks in June. We have more family out there, so it would also be a chance for them to meet all them too, as they would also be staying at the timeshare. The boys do spend a lot of time with the family, normally a couple of weekends a month on average, and dt2 prefers there to home, but I am really not sure about three weeks. There is no question of us being able to go with them, financial reasons, and our older two will be in school.

I've already said I'd be happier with just a fortnight (since the longest they have been left is 5 days) but I'm still not sure. On one hand, it would be lovely for the twins, they are planning to do the disney parks etc.
But I feel sorry for my older two, who wouldn't be able to go, although they would benefit from time with us and being able to do things that we can't usually do when we have the dts here too. It's also a good ten hours from the UK< so if they were unhappy or ill, or anything it's not like I can jsut jump on a plane.

beansprout Mon 21-May-07 12:41:10

I think you don't want them to go and that's good enough for me. They can always go in a few years instead. I have a 2yo and I couldn't be away from him for that long!

fireflyfairy2 Mon 21-May-07 12:41:59

I'd be inclined to say no, but then I am a worrier.

sandyballs Mon 21-May-07 12:42:56

I wouldn't. Too young I think. Wait until they are bigger.

Kelly1978 Mon 21-May-07 13:22:06

beansprout, you are absolutely right there, I jsut feel like maybe I am being selfish for not wanting them to go! I wish they were old enough to be able to explain it to, and to understand.

TooTicky Mon 21-May-07 13:23:35

I'd say no, personally.

VerySensibleKbear Mon 21-May-07 13:24:10

no, too young I think - from their point of view and yours! I couldn't stand it.

Amapoleon Mon 21-May-07 13:24:15

I wouldn't at 2, they are too young to be away from you and you from them.

tinymum Mon 21-May-07 13:24:29

I'd also say no personally.

LucyJones Mon 21-May-07 13:25:29

why can't you and dh go too?

DarrellRivers Mon 21-May-07 13:25:32

i wouldn't
so long and i would miss them too much

Kelly1978 Mon 21-May-07 14:01:09

lucyjones, we can't afford it, and we have two older children who are in school. We've already got a family holiday in spain booked for august.

tubismybub Mon 21-May-07 14:07:27

no definately not there is a huge difference between regular weekends away with family and three weeks away. what if the dt's get stressed out after first week it's not like they'll just hop on a plane and come home.

Pimmpom Tue 22-May-07 09:47:06

TBH I don't think 2yr olds would get that much out of it - they won't remember their time there. So, on that basis and the fact that i would have the worst 2 weeks of my life, i would say no.

MamaMaiasaura Tue 22-May-07 09:54:09

no i wouldnt

LIZS Tue 22-May-07 09:59:03

no I wouldn't . 3 weeks is a long time aged 2 and vastly different to the odd night or two on familiar ground. The parks would be exhausting and overexciting, then adding in the jet lag , heat, homesickness etc all sounds like a recipe for a stressful "holiday" on both the gp and childrens' parts. Let them go when they are old enough to appreciate it.

bozza Tue 22-May-07 10:01:56

Absolutely no way would I comtemplate it. It is obviously your call though, but I think lizs has it right, really.

Ladymuck Tue 22-May-07 10:09:11

Personally I wouldn't tbh. They are too young.

Yes they would enjoy Disney, but they'd miss you more.

PregnantGrrrl Tue 22-May-07 13:03:40

i wouldn't, no way.

i'd miss them far too much, and they're so far away from you if anything goes wrong. Plus, they might have a whale of a time for a day or two, then miss you terribly too.

if it were me, i'd give it another couple of years. Florida will still be there.

tribpot Tue 22-May-07 13:05:18

I wouldn't. No way. (Having said that, I couldn't cope with ds being away for 5 days either - he's nearly 2).

belgo Tue 22-May-07 13:06:17

i think at that age they are too young to appreciate a holiday like that.

In a couple of years they can go and have a fab time.

Muminfife Tue 22-May-07 13:43:14

Message withdrawn

AngharadGoldenhand Tue 22-May-07 13:45:17

No, I wouldn't let them go. Too young.

mylittlestar Tue 22-May-07 14:06:02

Lovely that they have offered but agree with everyone else that they are too young and 3 weeks is too long.

I'd make it clear how much you appreciate the offer though, so that hopefully they could go out there for a week or two when they're a bit older!

maisemor Tue 22-May-07 15:35:50

Agree with everyone else. I would not even have to consider it, it is just too long (so is 2 weeks in my opinion).

My hubby would say the same, if you want a MAN's point of view .

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