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Recommendations For Destinations 2 Adults And 2 Teens

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Tellmewhatyouknow Tue 05-Jun-18 08:22:08

We tried to do Jamaica on a budget. We still ended up paying almost 5k for the 3 of us plus DD was under 12 at the time so cost less.

I wouldn't recommend the resort we stayed at. The rooms were very basic, food was not good and my husband described the entertainment as Butlins in the sunshine.

After that holiday, we decided that if we were going to go long-haul we would save up the extra and do it properly. Riveria Maya cost us 8k for the three of us but was definitely worth the extra money (despite the seaweed).

We are now considering going back to Jamaica for the gorgeous beaches but staying at a much better resort.

DollyPlastic Tue 05-Jun-18 07:18:15

I think the budget will be a little tight for four if you.

I'm looking and it's coming in at around 7k for two weeks all inclusive long haul.

Halloween73 Mon 04-Jun-18 21:56:27

Thanks Tellmewhatyouknow that’s really useful. I’ve actually seen quite a lot of comments today re the seaweed. That would definitely put me off and spoil using the beach. Is there a resort in Jamaica you would recommend? We all love snorkelling so definitely a good beach is a must.

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Tellmewhatyouknow Mon 04-Jun-18 17:37:28

I went to Riveria Maya recently with Dh and 13 year old dd.

Although we had a wonderful time, the beaches can be disappointing. The white sand and blue sea are often spoilt by sargassum seaweed.

While the resorts work hard to keep the beaches of the seaweed they regularly lose the battle. We spent most of the time at the pool because not only does the seaweed look ugly and prevent you from enjoying the water it also smells bad.

When we stayed in Jamaica the beaches were beautiful and great for snorkelling.

Halloween73 Mon 04-Jun-18 15:19:30

Hi, we normally go to Greece for 2.5 weeks in the summer hols. Next year we’d like to go somewhere further afield (not the US) my daughters will be 17 and 13. It’s going to be in August which I know isn’t always the ideal month re weather. We normally spend about £5k on our holiday (self catering) and don’t want to spend too much more. Looking to be all inclusive and had been thinking of maybe Mexico poss Riveria Maya area but have seen lots of reviews that mossies are really bad and I get bitten to death in Greece if I don’t cover myself in spray! Any other destination recommendations/resorts etc welcome. Must have good food and lovely beach, is my budget realistical?!

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