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Tropical destination recommendations

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Tellmewhatyouknow Sat 02-Jun-18 15:08:38

Looking for some recommendations for next year's holiday. Would like 2 weeks in a tropical location. Generally we opt for AI but happy to consider alternatives.

We like large resorts with plenty of activities. Would want somewhere with good evening entertainment. We have recently returned from Rivera Maya and had a great time. They only thing that spoilt it was the beach.

We love to snorkel but the beaches were clogged with seaweed preventing us from really enjoying the sea.

I will be travelling with DH and 14 year old DD.

Open to any recommendations. We can be flexible about when we travel but would aim to coincide with the school holidays at Christmas/Easter/summer

Thanks in advance

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KingIrving Sun 03-Jun-18 19:43:05

Barcelo bavaro in Domenican république . Massive resort with several hotels in it ( palace is adult only) . Water is nice. Agree with Rivera Maya seaweed was dreadful like underwear thick forest.
For beautiful water, Maldives, go at the club med, or Asia, Thailand or Bali but can’t recommend resort as we were hotel.

Tellmewhatyouknow Mon 04-Jun-18 07:33:19

Thanks for the recommendations. I will check them out

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