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Macys day Parade and other New York experiences please?

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MrsLaurac Mon 28-May-18 09:29:03

Husband and I are off to new York in November (cannot begin to tell you how excited I am, ever since I was like 6 I've wanted to go!), it's just us two and were there for 7 days.
Whilst we are there its Macy's day parade and thanks giving. Im wondering if anybody has any experiences of Macy's day parade and could recommend where to stand etc? Also as silly as this sounds i would really like to take a light weight camping chair with me is this allowed? Also how would a tourist experience a thanks giving in new York? (If one can !!)
Can I also have any recommendations of things to do? Our hotel is in the Broadway area.
And i know this is am impossible question, assuming we dont buy "stuff" (I'll budget separately for that) how much money would you take per adult? Not expecting to do white cloth dining etc.
Any other help would be gratefully taken on board too.


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marjorie25 Mon 28-May-18 22:54:46

I have never done the parade, but I would say bring a raincoat/warm coat just in case.
Not sure about the chair. You would have to be there early to secure a good viewing spot.
Take a trip to the Bronx Zoo if their Christmas decorations are up, you will love it.
Take the Staten Island Ferry for a free ride, it also goes close to the Statute of LIberty.
Take the cable car over to Roosevelt Island (love that place)
Visit Gracie's Mansion - official residence of the Mayor of the City of New York
Do the hop on hop off bus tour - the night one is beautiful
Do the Top of Rock or Empire State Building
Make sure you hotel have the free breakfast option, it will save you a lot of money. NY is expensive.
I normally book my hotel on and chose the option to pay later. That way if you have to cancel for whatever reason, you don't lose any money. I also go for the ones with the free breakfast (even though its included in the price).
If you can book now you should do it. The last hotel I stayed at was close to Time Square, it had free breakfast, refrigerator and microwave. I will look for the name and post it.

OliviaStabler Mon 28-May-18 23:11:17

If you want to go to the Crown of the Statue of Liberty then book well in advance as tickets sell out quickly.

If you have a special building / museum / landmark you want to see, go very early in the day, as soon as they have opened to avoid the crowds.

I'd recommend the 9/11 memorial. I paid for a tour and it was well worth it. Very powerful place.

Use the subway. It is cheap and, once you're used to it, very easy to navigate.

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