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Any Avios experts on here? I'm stuck.

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decena Sun 27-May-18 20:49:46

Hi, I'm new to avios and despite spending hours reading up online, I still have a few queries! Will have about 130k points plus 2 companion tickets, we are looking at caribbean summer 2019, family of 4. I know that I have to use only avios (not pay and upgrade) in order to use companion tickets. Plus they can only be used on BA flights and not the partner airlines. As soon as it is D-355 I am best to phone early morning 1am to try book but I'm not sure how the following works?

- if only 2 reward seats available, do I book these then wait and watch for a further 2 later? Or do I book/ pay for the other 2 seats then change this to an avios booking if seats open up (if I can)?

- what happens if I can't get the return reward flights? Do I have to cancel the outward ones and start all over again (by which time I'll probably be too late to get 4 reward flights start July)

It all seems very complicated! This will be the only time we will have enough Avios to be able to make long haul use of companion tickets. We only holiday once a year and are stuck with flying out start July (off peak) and back in peak.

Any other hints or tips gratefully received.

AttilaTheMeerkat Sun 27-May-18 21:45:42

BAs avios scheme can be complicated to negotiate and usually only a pair of seats are released. I would call them and see what is available to you.

Call them also during office hours. In the UK they are open from 7.30 am till 8.00pm.

There are only 2 reward seats (I think its per class as well but I will stand corrected) per flight. It pays to be very flexible both in terms of departure day and return day (weekends are generally not available). Availability of such as well very much depends on the route.

randomthoughts Mon 28-May-18 15:46:26

With 130k I assume you are booking in economy, therefore 4 flights are released. You can book the outbound online as soon as they come available as a one way. To book the return you need to call up. You can try the uk call centre, but it doesn’t open until 7:30am, so instead try calling Hong Kong (use Skype if you want to reduce call charges) or Japan at 1 or 2am to add the return. Key is to be flexible, I.e. be prepared to stay an extra coup,e of days to get the flights you want.

decena Mon 28-May-18 19:00:09

Thanks, I knew it was possible to phone abroad but couldn't remember where. Our points are enough to get us in premium economy coming home only, unfortunately it will be peak time then, in July. On the plus side we aren't too bothered on island, can be Grand Cayman, Barbados, St Kitts, Bermuda or others.

randomthoughts Mon 28-May-18 19:07:10

It might be more difficult to get premium economy, ba guarantee releasing 2 business and 4 economy per flight 355 days before -any more and other classes are pot luck. Are you set on the Caribbean, we’ve had some great value european flights in the summer. With your vouchers you could get to a Greek island for 40,000 avios and £140. Given the taxes involved you mights not save much booking economy to the Caribbean.

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