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Baby + holiday ideas

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MulderitsmeX Tue 22-May-18 16:08:14

Hi all

D'S was born in March 2018 so looking to holiday between July - end of the year.

Background info - would like to TTC january 2019 onwards so need to stay away from zihka areas and also thinking that after DC2 is born we will be holidaying at more "kid/beach" places.

dh can be a bit unadventurous at the thought of complicated holidays but enjoys it when we go (ie he suggested we go to Spain for honeymoon however when we went on safari instead he loved it). I am more adventurous

1. I would really like to go to China (Beijing and chengdu) mid October (after the Chinese holiday) - is this crazy with a 7 month old?

2. Any other suggestions for baby/conception friendly long haul? d's does not seem to enjoy hot weather nor does DH but i love it!

3. Would like to go to Vietnam / Malaysia bit put off due to zihka. Also fancy new Zealand but not sure how easy it is to bring a baby on a hike.

4. My fall back is Venice (where I've never been) + one of the lakes. Or maybe Cyprus.

Any suggestions welcome!

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ineedwine99 Tue 22-May-18 16:14:18

Depending how your baby is in the car, we did a 3 week US road trip last year, daughter was 9m old, flew into LA, headed up the Pacific coast highway via Yosemite/Carmel/San Fran and various other places and she was fine, no issues in the car as long as we allowed stoppage time for her to get out, on hikes we used one of those hiking backpacks with child seats, it even has a sun canopy and windshield for rain :-) and she fit fine, even though she is on the small side, she loved being in at as is up high and she could see everything

MulderitsmeX Tue 22-May-18 22:35:40

Thanks ineedwine99 that sounds like a great idea - I will look into it smile

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