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Oldowl Tue 15-May-18 21:07:35

Spending a week in Perth (Butler) in late August visiting an old school friend. My friend still has to attend uni during the day, so I am looking for thing to do on my own during the day.

Any suggestions?

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ShanghaiDiva Wed 16-May-18 23:26:10

Swan valley wine tour
Central Perth - gallery is interesting and has free guided tours, museum, often have interesting small exhibitions at the library, lovely park with great view over city ( name escapes me, sorry)
Train to Guildford. A nice little town with some really good restaurants.
Train to Fremantle - the prison tour is really interesting
Day trip to the pinnacles

TiredAndIrrational Wed 16-May-18 23:36:36

Train to Fremantle, then the ferry over to Rottnest Island. Hire a bike and cycle round the island - it's beautiful and you'll see quokkas grin

CheeseGirl4 Sat 19-May-18 09:11:41

My sister lives in Butler (and works at the Uni)! Public transport wasn't brilliant when I last went, but the train line has extended now so you can get to Perth and Mandurah. Buses are a bit sporadic but there's only one main road which makes it easy. Car hire would make it a lot easier for you though. I don't drive, but luckily my sister was off work.

Absolutely Rottnest, go early from Hillarys and hire a bike. It's a full day though so maybe something you'll want to do with your friend at the weekend? Perth itself is worth exploring, Kings park is beautiful. Hillarys is nice, there are tons of beaches and parks, wildlife places etc. Ooh, I went swimming with wild dolphins too. Swan valley, Fremantle are definitely good for a visit too.

Oldowl Mon 21-May-18 18:06:08

Thank you all for the great suggestions. I am hoping the public transport has improved as I don't drive.

My friend has suggested a camping trip into the dunes at the weekend.
If she gets a day off uni, I will suggest Rottnest.

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bigtimer Sun 17-Jun-18 23:04:44

Fremantle is well worth a visit
Train from Perth

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