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BettyPitts Thu 03-May-18 12:55:35

I know there's a poster who has been here and recommended it, but the search facility isn't working.

So my question is would it be ok in August? Any particular place and finally is it safe?

My DC can't take malaria tablets and I'm looking for somewhere exotic but fun for teens too.

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BettyPitts Thu 03-May-18 18:56:15


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mummymeister Fri 04-May-18 08:52:05

Its me! I am always going on about Belize. we went in the winter time because that was when the weather was best for us. I will private message you with all of our trip details.

August - I would have a look at the accuweather site to see if its too hot for you or not. we knew it would be for us as we have to avoid extremes in temperature as well as Malaria etc.

we found it to be incredibly safe. I would recommend that you hire a decent car with 4 wheel drive and avoid Belize City which is where there are crime issues. We found everyone to be very welcoming to us as Brits. If you are thinking of this August then be aware that it can get pretty busy with americans then as they like to holiday here. If you avoid the tourist traps then you will be absolutely fine. we barely met any big crowds and most visits to the mayan temples we were virtually the only ones there.

the lonely planet book on belize is a really good place to start. as are the tripadvisor forums. will message you now with all of our trip info.

eurochick Fri 04-May-18 09:18:52

We didn't take malaria drugs there. We chose it because were ttc and wanted to go somewhere that didn't need them. (This was pre-zika.). Large parts of the country are non-malarial so we stuck to those.

We used Audley Travel to organise our trip as we had full on jobs and no time to plan. We spent a few days on the coast and then went to stay at a jungle lodge. There were ruins nearby and we had them to ourselves in the morning before the day trippers came in. The lodge had brilliant nature guides. It was amazing but oh my god the spiders. I'm terrified of them and they were HUGE and everywhere.

I can't remember what time of year we went so can't say if August would be a good time.

Hmmisthatit Fri 04-May-18 20:05:55

mummy can you send me details to please. You've won me over!

BettyPitts Fri 04-May-18 22:25:08

Thank you very much mummy, that would be great.

It looks fab but DH needs a bit more convincing.

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BettyPitts Wed 09-May-18 18:22:33

I'm looking at some fab hotels now, looking very positive although DH has now said what about Thailand or Costa Rica

I think I'll leave him at home!

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