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Long haul travel advice with 5 month old

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LambChopsMcGee Sun 06-May-18 12:15:51

I travelled with my DD when she was about this age. She was BF though so can't really advise on the feeding.

I wrote a long roundup of my trip on MN hoping it might help people in future so you could look at what I wrote here (mumsnet thread i started) if you are interested. I was really worried about the trip but it went really well and the flights were fine. Def agree take lots of nappies and changes of clothes. A harness is a good idea too.

In terms of warmth, keep the baby in the shade and have a hat and cool cotton clothes.

anxious62 Thu 03-May-18 15:02:11

Take formula in your case for the holiday. Butty box and Milton tablets to sterilise. Use bottled water.

For the flight order cartons of formula to collect at boots airside. You used to be able to get disposable bottles which is what we used when we flew to and from Australia or just take lots of clean and empty bottles from home.

Take more nappies that you could ever think you will need plus changes of clothes. Feed or dummy for take off and landing.

We usually dressed ds in little romper suits or just a nappy or swim nappy. Keep baby in the shade and buy a sun protection canopy thing for the buggy or pram. Lots of sunscreen too.

Baileysmum220118 Wed 02-May-18 22:23:06

My best friend is getting Married in Bali in July and my partner and I are attending with our little one who will be 22 weeks when we go.
Have any mums taken a long haul flight with a formula fed baby of this age and have you any feeding advice? What are the rules around bring formula onto the flight. Also any advice for managing with the little one somewhere so warm.

Any and all help and advice will be greatly appreciated! I am starting to get really stressed and it's still 19 weeks away.

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